One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


87. You're A Member Or Their Band/Crew

Niall : (Guitarist) You had just finished rehearsals with the band but stayed on the stage to do your own thing. Clutching your guitar tight you began to play the familiar melody of Little Things. You could play the song with your eyes closed, and you did. You didn’t even notice someone sat next to you until you finished the song and became eye to eye with Niall. “I knew you played guitar well, i didn’t know you played that amazingly!” he says with a grin and you shrug. “I’ve had that song stuck in my head lately.” He smiles and takes the guitar from you. “Then how about i play it and sing it for you, pretty girl needs to hear the song she loves.”

Zayn : (Hair Stylist) You were Lou’s assistant and as of now you only worked on Zayn due to the fact he took the most time in the chair. As you began to put the final touches on his hair, he brought his hand up to stop you. “Am i doing something wrong?” you ask and he shakes his head. “No, i just need to ask you something.” “What?” “Why is it that you only work on my hair, not that i’m complaining, i’m just curious.” you smile and resume your work. “You take the most time and in the time it takes me to get you done, Lou gets the other four done.” Zayn nodded and smirked. “Maybe i like it this way, so can it stay like this?” You laugh. “You put up a fight and keep distracting me like this then we won’t have to worry about it changing.”

Louis: (Pianist) This was your first major gig and of course you got put with the biggest boyband of the moment, One Direction. You wanted to practice extra and extra just to make sure the guys didn’t think you were an idiot. So here you were, a couple hours before sound check, just going through and playing all the songs you could think of. They were coming out nicely, til you heard a voice clear their throat then you hit the wrong chord and cringed as Louis came into view, smirking. “You’re good, just not when you get snuck up on.” You glare at him. “Yeah, thanks for that.” He shook his head. “I was just picking, you’re the new pianist, very good by the way, i’m Louis.” You grabbed his hand and shook it. “(YN).” then you returned back to your piano and he sat on the bench next to you. “I play a little too.” You smile and scooch over motioning to the keys. “You play then, i wanna hear what you do besides sing.”

Harry: (Stage Manager) You had gotten to know the guys very well as the tour went on, but as time went on, only one continued to give you hell, Harry. He’d purposely be late and make you go out in search of him. “Harold!” you growled and heard laughter from behind you where Harry was leaning against the wall, staring at you. You pointed to the stage. “Harold, get on that stage now, you have sound check and fans waiting to see that ass of yours.” Harry cocked his eye at you, turned around, bent over and smacked his ass then turned back around and laughed. “You know you love it too!” You couldn’t help but smile back at him. “Get on that stage now before i kick your ass to the point you won’t have one anymore.” He just shook his head as you walked behind him. “You know you love it, (YN), that’s why you always walk behind me, not in front of me!”

Liam: (Choreographer) You weren’t needed much, but the occasional times the guys wanted to learn a new dance to show to the fans, you did your best with them as they tried, but didn’t try hard enough. Liam was the only one who actually tried, due to the fact he knew you loved to dance and wanted to dance with you. One day it was just you and him dancing to Best Song Ever and the end came and you slipped fell over, rolling your ankle. He ran over. “You alright?” you held your ankle. “Yeah, just rolled the ankle.” “Can you stand?” you had him help you up and laughed. “Not really, but you mind carrying me everywhere til it’s healed?” Liam laughed and picked you up bridal style. “Oh gee, what are we going to do with our choreographer unable to teach us how to dance?” You laughed. “Dance the way you normally do on stage?”

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