One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


25. Your Famous And He Has A Crush On You

 Zayn: You giggled as you read funny tweets from your fans before your show at the O2 in London. You kept seeing ones telling you to check Zayn Malik's Twitter. You were intrigued by the mysterious boyband member and clicked on his Twitter, grinning when you saw a tweet from him saying that he was going to be at your show and was so excited to see his celebrity crush. Which automatically made you blush. "I need a backstage pass for a friend." You told your manager and gave him all the information before tweeting Zayn telling him that there was a backstage pass waiting for him at the venue. After an amazing show you went backstage excited to meet Zayn. You redid your make-up and then headed out to meet with other fans who had backstage passes saving Zayn for last. "Hi, I'm (Y/N) nice to meet you." You said giving him a quick hug. "I'm Zayn, he grinned. Your show was amazing. You have a lovely voice." "Thank you," You blushed looking his pretty eyes and amazing jawline. He really had a crush on you? "Would you want to maybe go our for frozen yogurt or pizza or something? If you don't want to you don't have to, I'm sure your tired. You know what-" "I'd love to." You giggled making him grin. You two had a great night and it was a start to a beautiful relationship that yours and Zayn's fans shipped.

Liam: You smiled from your seat at the Teen Choice awards watching One Direction present the award for female breakout star. "Liam wants, (Y/N) to win. He loves her. Thinks she's real fit." Louis cheekily said into the microphone making you and Liam both plus. The announced the nominees, "And the winner is..." Harry opened the envelope, "(Y/N) (Y/L/N)!" You smiled standing up and making your way on stage as your heart started thumping. Liam was your celebrity crush too, but you hadn't told anyone. You accepted the award from Niall and gave each of the boys a kiss on the cheek saving Liam for last and your lips were still tingling. At the after party you were talking to one of your friends when she gave you smile and excused herself only to be replaced by a nervous looking Liam. "Would you like to dance?" He asked and you nodded happily. He grinned and grabbed your hand leading you to the dance floor. You weren't sure where you and Liam were going to go but you sure were excited to find out.

Harry: You smiled as you stood on the red carpet chatting with a reporter. "So did you hear about who has a crush on you?" She asked with a sly smile on her face. You shook your head laughing. "Harry Styles she smirked." If you were being completely honest you didn't know much about him. You knew he was young. Younger than you by quite a bit. You also knew he was in One Direction but that was about it. "He's here you know." She said winking. "Well maybe I'll just have to find him," You laughed before being escorted onto the reporter. You were getting your drink at the bar when a smooth voice whispered, "I heard you were looking for me." You spun around and smirked when you saw a dapper looking Harry Styles. "Not particularly." You smiled slyly before taking a sip of your drink. "I'm flattered by your little crush Harry but I'm much, much older than you. And while I'll admit you're cute but I'm married, quite happily." Harry didn't seemed fazed at all he just smirked, "Well," He said leaning in closer to you so you got a heavenly whiff of his cologne, "Give me a ring when you're unmarried." He winked before strutting off probably to win the heart of some young girl for the night.

Louis: You were doing a photo shoot with One Direction, something you had never done. You were actually wearing clothes for this shoot. No, you weren't a playmate or anything. Just a Victoria's Secret Angel. "Okay!" The photographer announced. "We're going to the pool in twenty! Go to hair and make-up." You got changed and you were sitting in the chair getting your hair and make-up done when you saw the five boys walk through in their swim trunks and you couldn't help but ogle their bodies. Hey you weren't doing anything wrong. You were single. Louis saw you and sent you a wink making your cheeks turn pink. He strolled over to you and leaned against the counter so he was facing you. "I'm a big fan of your work. In fact you are my celebrity crush." He smiled and you smiled back while not so secretively checked out his tanned torso. You had to admit, he was hot. You two flirted back and forth for awhile but you knew it was harmless. He had a girlfriend that you absolutely adored. "Make sure you tell Eleanor hello for me." You smiled before you left the shoot that day, "I absolutely love her style." You said before waving. There was no harm in a celebrity crush.

Niall: You signed another poster smiling at your fan before you turned to the next one but you were shocked when you saw Niall Horan standing in front of you. "Don't you have a signing of your own to be?" You asked smiling at him. "It's my day off and I heard you were in town so I had to come see you. I'm a huge fan of yours." "Well thank you, I'm a huge fan of yours as well." You grinned. You were sure that you had heard that he had a crush on you on you somewhere and to be honest you were stunned. You had loved One Direction long before you yourself became famous and to know that your favorite member had a crush on you was the best news you had ever received. "Well, I'm off for the day once this signing is over. Maybe we could hang out?" You asked surprising yourself and him. You were never that daring but you couldn't let the moment go. "I would love to. Give me a call when you're done and I'll be here." He winked before leaning over the table and giving you a peck on the lips before walking away. You laughed at your silly boyfriend. You and Niall had been dating for almost a year and that was exactly how you had met and he just liked to remind you.

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