One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


67. Your Daughter Got A Piercing With Out Permission

zayn-she walks in as quiet as she can and gets away with it and goes to sleep but the next morning it didn’t  work out how she planned he lip swelled up and tried to hide it with her hoodie but she made a little mistake get a glass of water and let her hand go away from her mouth , zayn saw her swollen lip and asked whats wrong she said nothing but little did she know your walking in at the same time and saw the bar and has a go at her “i told you no fucking piercing !” after 10 minutes of  screaming at her she storms off , zayn chases after her and sees her crying shes very apologetic and it was simply just forget

harry-thinking she can get away with her belly done with a belly top and coming in at late at night  knowing harry will worry you left him until she came back she flicks on the light and harry rushes to hug her but the bar caught his attention and starts to shout your name  you come down the stair zombie mode and asks whats going on and she stands up and you just stand there  saying ” i told you not to ….. we told you not to” soft and suttle trying not to cause a big  argument “i will not get another piercing i promise 2 and you have a big family hug just the three of you

louis-she knew getting dimple piercings behind you back was stupid so when she walks in the house she makes a bee line to her room but bumps into you while trying to cover it up ” Missy your really dumb thinking you can hide those ”  you gave her glare and called louis from the living area he goes to stairs and looks at you daughter and just simply laughs  ” how were you going to hide those we told you no ” he said chuckling but going serious at the end  ” im sorry dad i just really wanted them i shouldn’t of ” she sulked

niall -  she stumble in the house after a house party not far from  house being  out all day she realises you and niall are in the living area and gasps and putting her hand on her nose knowing she got her nose done without permission , niall stands up and removes her hand ” i told you no more piercings

liam-she walks in you room and  your reading a book you ask what she was lookin for but see her industrial piercing (scaffold) because you two havent got along lately you scream at her knowing  liam and you told her no after she said i dont even like you it got harder because she went out and didnt come back for two days because its the day liam came back but he wasnt happy either but she was calmer and after you got home she apologized and your relationship grew stronger

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