One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


42. Your Daughter Gets Her First Period

Harry: "Hey hun, you alright?" Your husband got home to a near silent house. "Yeah daddy," he took a step toward her, knowing she wasn't. "You sure? Because you've been staring at the ceiling for the past ten minutes I've been home." She turned to face her father, giving him a look that could kill, before returning her stare to the ceiling. "I feel like satan is coming out of me." His eyes widened and searched the house for you. "Period" was all you had to say.
Niall: "Are you sure I can't help?" Your daughter had locked herself in the bathroom. Niall had his arm against the door frame, his forehead pressed to the wooden door as he desperately tried talking to her. "No daddy, just get mum. Please." He let out a sigh. "Bet I can help just as mu-" "Unless you have a vagina, I highly doubt it." Your husbands face turned beet red as he turned away from the door, and scurried quickly to find you.
Zayn: Your daughter had been out of her head moody the past week, so you knew it had to be soon. You were right. "She's not a baby anymore Zayn." He glanced over at his daughter, who'd been curled up in a ball on the sofa ever since mother nature stepped in. "But 11? Isn't that a little too young to start... you know... bleeding?" You chuckled before nodding your head. "Some start young, and that seems to be her case."
Louis: "Shoot." You were going away for business for the next few days, which meant you had to leave your newly pmsing daughter at home with your under prepared husband. "Just please, don't do anything to piss her off. I'd like to come home without her having your head on a stick." He laughed at that one. "I'm serious Lou..." "Yeah, yeah. I've got this." He kissed you goodbye as your taxi took off. He walked back into the house in search of your daughter. "Miss PMS?! Where ever could you be?!" Let the games begin...
Liam: "Daddy?" You'd been off at work when your daughter got her first period. "Yes sweetie?" She sat next to her father, cheeks red as can be. "So.. today I sort of... well, i began...err, I got my period." She managed to spit her words out, reddening her fathers cheeks as well. "Uhh, okay. I think your mother keeps her...things under the sink in our bathroom." She nodded before getting back up, and practically running upstairs.

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