One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


102. Your Child Wants A One Direction Doll, Just Not His

Harry: Walking in the toy store after Harry had promised your daughter he’d get her a toy if she did well at the dentist, you had found yourselves in front of some of the One Direction dolls. “I can’t believe they still have these!” he says and your daughter reaches up for one and Harry brings one down of himself and gives it to her. She shakes her head and points up. “I want Uncle Zayn!”

Louis: “You don’t want your daddy?” he says with a shake of his head and your daughter giggles. “Nope!” “You seriously want Uncle Liam?” She nods her tiny head. “Why don’t you want to get one of daddy’s?” The toddler smiled. “I see you all the time, i dont see Uncle Liam that much!” Louis groaned but couldn’t argue with your daughter’s reasoning. “Fine, but when we get home, i’m having a talk with Uncle Liam.”

Zayn: Your daughter came in running holding the doll up in the air like it was a superhero. Zayn noticed the design of the box and laughed at you. “You let her get a One Direction doll of her own father?” You didn’t return his laughter. “Zayn, she didn’t get you!” His laughter faded also. “Who’d she get?” “From the sounds of it, you might want to warn Niall that our daughter has a massive crush on him and never wants him to leave her.”

Niall: “She would rather leave the store without a doll, then to leave with one of me?” he asked you as you were cooking dinner, your daughter out in the living room playing with her Uncle Harry doll. “Yeah, pretty much. She said in her own words, she’d rather have the curls then have daddy. Too much daddy!” Niall shook his head at his daughter. “Too much daddy? How can there be too much of me?” You sigh. “Maybe it’s because no matter where you turn in this house, there’s something with your face on it?”

Liam: “Uncle Louis, you really want an Uncle Louis doll instead of one of your own dear father?” he says, choosing his words carefully and your daughter nodded a huge smile on her face. “Now, i can tell him my jokes and not have him tell you and i won’t get in trouble this way!” You looked at Liam and threw your hands up. “Don’t you look at me, you’re the one that chooses to have her stay with Louis when we go out.”

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