One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


27. Your A Nurse

Harry: “Y/N!” Your co worker Jenny called as you walked past.

“Yes?” You stopped.

“There is a man in room 314 that needs his medicine. Can you give it to him? I have to go help another patient.”

“Of course.” You climbed into the elevator and went to the room Jenny told you about. You entered the room and soon found his medicine on a counter near the door. You prepared it and turned to give it to him. You were shocked to see who was laying in the bed. It was Harry Styles! Your younger sister was a huge fan and you were a small one.

“Hi, I’m Harry.” You walked over to his bed and placed a cup of water on the table next to his bed.

“I know. Here.” You handed him the pills and he swallowed them without the water. You grabbed the cup and walked over to the sink, dumping the water out. “So what is a rock star like you doing in the hospital?”

“I fainted on stage. Heat exhaustion.” He smiled. “Do you think we could go out sometime? After I get out of here?”

“Sounds good.”


Liam: You sat at the desk, texting your friend that you would have to work late and you wouldn’t be able to go shopping tonight. You walked around the desk and leaned on it.

The door burst open and 4 men surrounded you.

“Are you a nurse?”

“Can you help us?”

“Our friend is hurt.”

“Slow down!” They all stopped talking. “Now one of you tell me what happened.” You pointed to the blonde.

“We were trying to get on the tour bus and the fans were pushing and kicking. Our friend fell and we think he broke his wrist.” he explained. You looked closer at the four boys. You soon realized that they were One Direction! You didn’t really pay attention to them so you didn’t know which one was missing.

“Where is he?” They pointed to a brunette boy sitting on a chair, next to him was a guy that looked like a security guard. “Tell him to come with me.” They went and got him and followed you to a room. You got the doctor and he told you to take him for some x-rays.

“I’m Liam.” he said as he followed you to the x-ray room.

“Im Y/N” you led him into the room. After he was done taking the x-rays and you had helped get his cast he pulled you aside.

“Can I have your phone?” You brought him to the desk and handed it to him. He spent a few minutes on it and it then handed it back to you. That night when you got home you saw that he entered his number.


Niall: “Here Denise. The water you wanted.” You handed her the glass and she drank from it. Denise had given birth yesterday and you were in charge of taking care of her. You grabbed a clipboard from the table. “Looks like you can go home today.”

“Great! If only Greg would come back.” She sighed as she set the water on back on the table.

“Where is he?” You asked as you put the clipboard back.

“Off somewhere with his brother.” Just then Greg and a very stunning boy walked through the door. The blonde haired boy was babbling on about something until you saw him glance towards you. He walked over to you and smiled.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Y/N. I’m a nurse. I was helping Denise.”

“That’s right! Greg we can home today.” Denise excitedly said.

“Thats great.” Greg said giving her a kiss.

“I’m Niall. I suppose I should help them get ready to leave.” Niall grinned. “See you again sometime?”

“That sounds great.” I said smiling.

“Do you think I could.. um.. maybe have your number?” Niall blushed. You grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down your number. You handed it to him.

“Here.” You were sure looking forward to seeing him again.


Louis: You couldn’t believe that you had to work late, again. This was the third night in a row. Yesterday it was because Sam had left early. Today it was because there was this super important patient that you “needed” to take care of. You were in a hospital! How was there a important guest here?

Without arguing you went up to the room that the patient was in. You read the instructions that your boss left and started to do them. The patient was sleeping and you were supposed to replace the bandages on his forehead. You got what you needed and slowly started taking off the bandages, trying not to awake him.

You noticed a tattoo on his arm. It was a bird. You knew you had seen it somewhere before, but you couldn’t remember where. You took the last bandage off, revealing a pretty deep cut. You wondered how he had did that. Just then 4 boys entered the room. You recognized the curly haired one right away. It was Harry Styles. You looked back at the boy laying on the bed. You checked out a few more of his tattoos. You looked closer at his facial features. It suddenly hit you. It was Louis Tomlinson!

You were a huge fan of One Direction. Ever since they were on the X Factor. And you were a huge Louis girl and you wondered how you hadn’t recognized him before.

“How’s he doing?” Niall asked approaching the bed.

“That’s a pretty nasty cut.” Liam exclaimed standing next to Niall.

“How did it happen?” You asked as you started putting more bandages on the deep cut.

“He was drunk last night, ran into a door frame.” Zayn said, flinching at the small part of the cut you could still see. You finished putting the bandages on and stood up.

“I’ll be right back.” You threw away the bandages and grabbed the medicine Louis was supposed to take when he woke up. When I got back Louis was awake and talking to the boys.

“Here.” You handed him a glass and the pills and he took them. “You should be out of here tomorrow.” You smiled at him.

“And when I get out, think you would like to get a coffee or something?”

“Sure.” I smiled leaving the room. Maybe working late wasn’t so bad after all.

Zayn: The hospital was so busy this week you hardly got to have any free time. It was flu season and everyone was getting their shots. You had been giving them all day along with stickers for the kids.

“Here you go sweetie.” You handed him the last dinosaur sticker in the package. You made sure the bandage was secure and helped him off the table. He walked out hand and hand with his mom. Finally it was the end of your shift. You started cleaning up the room. You put the shot stuff back in the cupboard and washed your hands. You walked to the small room where all the employees kept their stuff.

“Hey Y/N. Some of the other girls and I are going to come to my house tonight and maybe have a few drinks. You wanna come?” Lucy, your friend and coworker, asked.

“Sorry not today. After giving all those shots I just want to go home and sleep.” You grabbed your jacket. You put your right arm in the hole and did the same with your left.

“You’re right. Giving shots are really hard work.” Lucy said. She grabbed her purse and yelled as she left, “See you tomorrow!”

You grabbed your purse and checked your phone for any messages. There was none like usual. Your only friends worked at the hospital and wouldn’t text or call you during the day. You walked out and said goodbye to Heather at the receptionist’s desk. As you pushed open the door you ran into a tall figure.

“I’m so sorry.” The two of you said at the same time.

“I’m Zayn. Do you work here?” he asked. He had lots of tattoos and had black hair.

“Yeah but my shifts over. Do you need something?”

“I was coming to get my flu shot. Can you give it to me? It would be much better with a pretty girl giving it to me.” You laughed at his cheesiness.

“Come in.” As you led him to the room you had worked in all day. “Maybe we could go for a late night coffee after I finish?” You asked him as you closed the door.

“I’d like that a lot.” He said.

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