One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


80. Your A Bad Girl

Harry: Smacking on your gum you lazily flipped threw the CD’s in the music store you where in. Tapping you combat boot clad foot you kept your eyes on the new Avenged Sevenfold CD reading the back as someone entered. You heard conversation but paid no attention to it as you picked up the CD from You Me At Six before going to pay. You bumped right into a tall figure. You stepped back with a clenched jaw your eyeliner ringed eyes hard as you gazed up at the brown haired, green eye boy. He gave you a cheeky smile but before he could open his mouth you stepped around him. “Not inserted.” You said before going to pay.

Liam: Taking a drag from your cigarette you walk around the park in the morning hoping to clear your mind. It’s been a hard week with exams and studying so you wanted this moment to yourself. Running a hand threw your tangled hair you rub at your eyes your hand brushing against your eyebrow piercing. Flicking your done cigarette you catch the eye of a male jogger who smiles at you. You simply scoff once you see his puppy dog look and turn on your heel as he nears you walking away.  

Louis: You stand in line at Starbucks your guitar case slung over one shoulder. You tap your foot waiting for your turn as you study you sleeve tattoo that was finally finished. Finally the man in front of you gets his drink and leaves and you finally get to order. “Green tea frap.” You simply say as you pull your money out of your teared up black skinny jeans. You feel an arm come around you and place money on the counter. “I got her.” A male voice says. You look over to see blue eyes, caramel hair and a charming smile. You glare at him before pushing your money into the employs hand. “No thanks kid.”

Niall: You strum your guitar softly in the music shop where you worked. You hummed along to the Green Day song you where playing before stopping as you heard someone shuffle closer. You looked up to see a blonde blue eye boy grinning at you. “You’re really good.” He commented with a grin. You nod your thanks as you put your guitar down. “You need help?” You asked picking at your black nail polish. “Well I was here for a guitar, but I could pick up your number.” He said with a grin. Rolling your eyes you lean back in your seat snorting at him. “Pass. Thanks.”

Zayn: You held your little cousins hand tight as the girls around you pushed. You grind you teeth as a loud bubbly fan girl and her friends push making your little 10 year old cousin drop her poster and made her stumble. “Hey!” You barked making the older girl look over at you with dull look till she saw the anger in your eyes. “Pick up my baby’s poster and say sorry. Or i’ll fucken rip your eyes out.” You growled in her face. She followed your orders as you hauled your cousin up on your hip drying her tears as her poster was given. You hear people gasp around you as you feel someone tap your shoulder. You turn to see the dark haired boy that was on your cousins poster from the boyband. “Hey babe.” He says with a grin ignoring the crying fan girls. “Don’t call me babe.” You scoff. “Sign her poster, and take a picture with her. Then were done here go it?”  

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