One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


65. You Get Into A Fight

Liam: Liam was pissed off the second he walked through the door, his body tense as he slammed the door shut behind him.

You peered from outside the kitchen, seeing him throw his things down on the table before ripping his shirt off. You almost admired him until you saw deep red scratches down his back.

"Wh-what are those?" You asked, pointing to his back. Liam groaned, throwing his head back before turning to look at you.

"Don’t start," he said, turning away from you and towards the stairs. You felt a grimace cover your face, your fists clenched as you followed him up the stairs and into your shared bedroom. The scratches were deeper than you’d thought, some still a little bit bloody.

"Are you serious? What happened to your back?" You questioned, crossing your arms and blocking his only way out. Liam didn’t look at you, his jaw tightly clenched.

"I said, don’t start.”

You turned around and threw the door closed behind you and locked it, not letting him escape so easily.

"No! You tell me where the hell they came from or I’m walking out that front door," you threatened, seething as he stared back at you, his eyes wide and unwavering as they peered into yours.

"Yeah? You really gonna’ walk out on me? Go right ahead," Liam said, stalking up to your eye level. He stared down at you, chest heaving and brushing against yours with every breath. You didn’t back down, noticing a bit of lipstick stains on his collarbone.

"You’re a disgusting prick, you know that right?" You said, reaching your hand up to wipe off the excess on his chest, "At least have some dignity or respect for me to hide it."

Liam turned away from you, his back muscles protruding against his tanned skin as he ran his hands through his hair. You waited for some sort of explanation, but as he stood. His hands were clenched so tightly you thought they’d break. When you realized you weren’t getting an explanation, you turned on your heel.

"Fuck you too then," you muttered before slamming the door behind you.

Niall: "You have got to be kidding me," you muttered, looking at your phone to check the time. Niall wasn’t just late, he had stood you up. Your weekly dinner was one of the only times you got to see him for more than an hour or when he wasn’t asleep.

You threw your chair back from the dinner table, catching the attention of a couple of people as you stormed from the restaurant and called yourself a cab.

You had at least a half hour’s worth of time to think about all the reasons to be mad at Niall, and by the time you stepped through your front door, you were seething. Niall was sitting on the couch, beer in hand, watching the football game.

"Hello, babe. What’s up?" Niall asked. You dropped your house keys on the table, eyes glaring at hands crossed.

"Forget something?" You asked, your tone so bitter it gave you chills, a feeling of attack on your mind.

Niall stared at you for a moment, and then it hit him. He shrugged it off, taking a sip of his beer, “Just a date, babe.”

You threw your bag at him, “No it’s not just a date you twat! It’s the one time a week I get you all to myself,” you spat.

Niall just missed your throw, ducking as you screamed at him. He stood up, throwing his beer to the floor, making a large crack fill the tense air. Even the sharpened edges of the glass couldn’t cut through the amount of anger you were harboring.

"Would you get off it? I don’t give a fuck about it," Niall said, eyes getting darker as he clenched his fists.

"You are such an asshole. You don’t care about anyone but yourself," you yelled at him, taking off towards the bedroom. Niall followed, screaming all the way before you slammed the door in his face.

"Open this goddamn door. Open it before I break it down!"

Zayn: "Would you quit it?" Zayn said, shoving you away from him. You sat up groggily, unsure as to why he was pushing you away so early in the morning.

Zayn threw himself from the bed, shaking out his black hair. You watched him, nervously, as he grabbed the first shirt he’d found.

"What’s wrong?" You asked, confused as to what was going on.

"You’re what’s wrong," Zayn muttered, throwing on a beanie and a pair of jeans next, not looking into your eyes as he spat at you, "I’m so sick of you constantly clinging to me."

You were even more confused, staring at him as he got fully dressed, “What are you talking about?” You said, feeling an edge begin to touch your voice. You had just woken up to a frighteningly annoyed boyfriend, who apparently couldn’t explain his actions.

"I’m talking about this shitty relationship! I’m so done with this crap," Zayn said, throwing his keys and wallet into his back pocket.

"What the hell? I didn’t do anything wrong!" You yelled.

"You are what’s wrong! I’m done!" Zayn yelled back, turning from you and stalking out of the room. You watched after him, mouth agape at his intense hatred. You were shaking, feeling your hands struggle to keep a hold on the covers as you tried to figure out what had gone wrong since you had fallen asleep.

Louis: "I can’t believe you did that," Louis said, groaning as he watched your old interview.

"What are you saying?" you asked, feeling a little self conscious.

"That was so embarrassing! Do you know what that will do to my image?" Louis muttered, running his hands through his hair, "You embarrassed me."

You felt your mouth open in shock, but closed it as the first set of quivers came through as you repressed your tears.

"Are you saying I am an embarrassment to you? Is that why you kept me a secret for so long?" You asked, feeling a heavy weight in your chest.

Louis didn’t say anything, but you didn’t want to hear his useless apology or even his answer. You stood up, walking away from him.

"Yes, you do. You embarrass me," Louis said, "That’s why I kept you a secret," You could hear his sarcasm, making your body rigid in anger. You turned on your heel, snapping at him.

"Don’t mock me! You have no right to say things like that about me. I’d never do that to you," you yelled, feeling your eyes well up with tears.

Louis rolled his eyes, standing up to get a drink, “Yeah, sure, babe.

Harry: You knew Harry had seen you see him dancing with that girl. He didn’t care, and apparently he didn’t think you did either, because for the rest of the night he ignored you to dance with her. It wasn’t until he was finally ready to go home that he’d retrieved you from the bar.

"That was a great time," Harry said, throwing his tired body onto the couch as you two stepped inside of your shared apartment.

"You looked like you had a great time," You muttered, feeling a bit hurt by his actions.

"What’s that tone for?" Harry said, glaring at you from his spot on the couch as you pulled your shoes off, "Didn’t you have a good time?" Harry asked, running his hands through his strewn hair.

"I was alone the whole night," you said, shooting him a glare, but he just rolled his eyes.

"Oh god, not this crap again," Harry complained, groaning as he sat up to run his hands over his face. He looked annoyed, and even more than that pissed off, "You can go dance with other people, you know."

You crossed your arms, “You ignored me.”

"Why wouldn’t I? When you act like this, all I want to do is ignore you!" Harry snapped, words still somewhat slurred by the drinks he’d consumed.

"Wow, thanks Harry. I thought we were finally going to go out and have a good time," you muttered, "What, was she sexier than me? Did she try to get you off while you two danced? Is that it, Harry?"

Harry was more than mad now, my words like cutting razors down his throat. He stood up, pacing the room.

"You know what? Yeah, I’d let her fuck me anytime. It’d be so much better than this fucking crap," Harry said, throwing his jacket to the ground as his whole body reddened.

"No, this wouldn’t happen if you pretended that you like me outside of this house!" You yelled, causing him to jump at the sharpness of your words.

"Maybe I don’t!" Harry yelled, fists clenched tightly in his hair.

"Then get out, get out." You muttered, throwing your shoes into the corner and storming away from him.

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