One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


74. You Get Into A Fight And He Apologizes

Harry : "How many more minutes!" Harry called from downstairs impatiently. You were both going to a party and you were taking your time getting ready to ensure that you looked perfect. Harry had asked several times how long it would take you to finish getting ready.

When you finally went downstairs, Harry had taken off his jacket and was slumped on the couch watching television. He glanced at you and returned his gaze to the screen. “Harry I’m ready.” You tried capturing his attention but he wasn’t having it.

"Good for you," he said harshly. You blinked at his sudden mood change and sat down beside him on the couch. "I’m sorry I took so long but-" you trailed off not knowing how to justify why you took so long getting ready.

"I should have just left without you," he grumbled. Although it wasn’t really that insulting, it still hurt you a little bit. "Cool. Go without me then," you said and ran back up to your room. You lay down on your stomach on the bed and stuffed your face in the pillow.

The door to your room opened and Harry sat down on the side of the bed. He reached out and began rubbing circles on your back. “I’m sorry. I got really impatient and I shouldn’t have been rude to you. I just don’t understand why you need makeup. I think you’re so beautiful without it and when you take your time just to try and look perfect, it bothers me,” he admitted and you smiled in the pillow.

"That’s cheesy," you mumbled. "Only the cheesiest for you, love," he pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

Niall : "Niall!" you yelled and he rushed into the room. "What’s wrong are you okay?" he panicked. "No I’m not," you snapped and he moved forward to inspect you for any scratches. Although you thought this movement was very cute of him, you were too pissed of to say anything about it. "I can’t see the floor Niall." You gestured to the bedroom floor that was covered in his shirts, jeans and boxers.

"So what’s the problem?" Niall asked. "The problem is that your shit is everywhere," you pointed out. "Jesus Y/N. I’ll put it away after," he rolled his eyes. "You said that a week ago Niall!" you cried. "Don’t act like my parent," he warned. "I clearly need to because you’re being a child!" You hated fighting with Niall, but this had to be said.

"Why are you dating me if I’m such a child then?" Niall raised an eyebrow and you clenched your fists at your sides. You ignored him and marched out of the room, leaving him to go to your best friend’s house to let out some steam. You decided not to come back until later on that evening.

When you unlocked the front door you walking in and you were created by the strong smell of cleaning products. “Niall?” you called and all you heard was silence. You ran up the stairs into your room and noticed that it was spotless. There was not a single piece of clothing on the floor. Not even a sock.

You heard some shuffling in the bathroom and you went in to find Niall mopping the bathroom floor. “Niall, I just wanted the bedroom clean, not every room in the house,” you laughed lightly. “I know but I felt horrible. I know it must suck when I leave that you have to clean this all by yourself. The least I could do is help you when I’m here,” he said. You smiled and walked over to him nearly slipping on the wet floor. Niall caught you and chuckled, “Probably should have warned you ‘bout that.”

Liam : "Can you forget about your man pride for two seconds and admit that we’re lost?" you snapped at Liam. Liam made reservations at a restaurant he couldn’t even get you to and refused to use the GPS for help. You had been driving around for an hour with Liam constantly saying that he’s taking you both on a drive or he’s looking for a shortcut."We aren’t lost!" Liam would say.

"Liam! We missed our reservation and we are clearly lost pull the damn car over!" you yelled. He rolled his eyes and stopped the car on the side of the road. "We didn’t miss our reservation you need to calm down." You grit your teeth at his attitude and concluded that you’ve had enough of him today, "I could get us there faster than this!" 

"Doubt it," he snorted. You unlocked your side door and pulled out your phone putting on your GPS app and thanked your stars that you had 3G. "Good luck getting there on your own," you glared at him and got out of the car, slamming the door behind you. You put in your location on the GPS and started walking.

The car began rolling beside you with Liam trying to convince you to get back in the car. “Please! I’ll let you drive, I’ll put in the GPS. I’ll let you say I told you so!” he bargained. You hesitated a bit and finally gave in. Liam stopped the car and switched to the passenger side. You made your way to the driver’s side and started up the car.

You arrived at the restaurant in no time and you shot Liam a smug look. “I’m sorry. I should listen to you from now on,” he shrugged sheepishly before pressing a kiss on your cheek.

Zayn : "I cannot believe you did that!" you yelled slamming the front door behind you and Zayn. "I don’t get the big deal Y/N!" Zayn called after you as you stomped into the kitchen angrily. "The big deal is now your friends know our personal business!" You couldn’t believe your ears when you came out of the bathroom and heard Zayn chatting to the lads about your sex life.

"Don’t most girls WANT their boyfriends to talk about how good they are in bed?" Zayn tried to explain himself. "I’m not most girls Zayn! I don’t want your horn dog friends to know what we do in bed or where we do it! Damn it that’s private! You’re basically giving your friends permission to picture them doing that with me!" you cried.

"How the hell am I doing that?" he frowned. "You told them what I can do so now, they probably want to try it too!" You could tell Zayn didn’t believe you because he then said, "Trust me. They wouldn’t do that." 

You left the house and went to the mall to try and clear your mind. Of course you told Zayn where you were going so that you wouldn’t have a bigger argument about it later on. At the mall, you ran into Zayn’s friend, Tom. You said your hello’s and you kept walking until you were jerked back.

Tom pulled you into a corned and trapped you against the wall between his arms. “Maybe one day, you and I could try some things,” he whispered trailing his finger up and down your arm. “God no! Are you crazy!” you didn’t have enough time to push him away from you because he was slammed on the wall beside you. “What the hell did you just say to my girlfriend?” Zayn snapped. Tom shook his head and stuttered, “N-nothing,” before running off.

"I’m sorry. You were right. I promise you I will never say anything ever again I promise. Please forgive me?" Zayn asked wrapping his arms around you and pressing a kiss on your neck. "Forgiven." You smiled before taking him home to do some things that no one will ever know about.

Louis : Remember what you did last year? that reminder repeated in your mind several times. You know that you weren’t a saint in this relationship but you had worked on it. You were a better girlfriend now and you didn’t yell at him for every little thing he did. Whenever you argued now it was over small things and not your trust issues.

This one time, your argument started getting a little too serious when he saw you hang out with your guy best friend and mistook it for cheating. You tried to assure him that there was nothing going on between the two of you but he wasn’t buying it. You couldn’t believe he was accusing you of such ridiculous things and he reminded you of how you would do that to him not long ago.

After he said that, you left him alone in the house and ran to the park across the street. It was the one place you could really sit down and think - and man did you have a lot of thinking to do. You sat down on the bench and looked at all the couples who were walking in the park. Why didn’t you trust Louis? He was a perfectly loyal boyfriend and you made him out to be anything but.

You were so deep in thought that you didn’t notice Louis sit down beside you. It was only when he cleared his throat that you turned to face him. In his hands he was holding a box of your favorite chocolates with I’m sorry sprawled out in cursive on the lid.

"What are you sorry for?" you asked shaking your head and taking the box. "I shouldn’t have brought up the past. It’s bad to hold grudges and I know you’re different now. I guess I understand you better. The way I felt when I saw you with that guy sucked. I really love you and it hurts me to think that you may love someone else," he explained. "He’s gay," you chuckled. "I know that now," Louis admitted. "I’m sorry," he apologized again. "Me too," you reached over and wrapped your arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms tightly around you and mumbled, "I probably should have noticed he was gay from the way he was holding hands with another guy when I saw him the other day." You couldn’t contain your laughter as soon as Louis had said that.

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