One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


72. You Get Harassed At Work

Liam: Tears rolled down you cheeks as your mind went over the comments one of your coworkers had thrown at you earlier. The sound of the door opening making your insides turn. Debating with your self on whether you should tell him or not. He would be furious, maybe even make you quit. You dried your eyes on your sleeves, splashing your face before exiting your bedroom. His frame was standing tall in the kitchen, his fingers tapping away on his phone. His face lit up as you entered, his happy face happier. He was having such a good day, you telling him about your day would ruin it all. Your mind went against what was the best for you, putting his happiness first and not telling him.

Harry: "First thing tomorrow" His words were stern, but low. He was shaking with rage as you told him about the event that had taken place at work. His face was red, fist bailing. You frame was sitting next to his, shaking with small sobs as tears brimmed your eyes. His eyes adverted from where they had focused earlier, landing on your sobbing body. "Oh, baby" His eyes softened as did his face, his arms no longer flexed in anger. He reached out, pulling your body close to his chest as you cried. His fingers combing your locks, soft hushes leaving his plumb lips. His focus no longer on vengeance, but on comforting you.

Niall: His hands intertwined with yours as he pestered you to tell him why you had been crying. You pleads for him to leave and stop asking meaning nothing to him, as he knew the last thing you wanted was to be alone. More tears fell, your voice giving in, explaining what your coworker had said. His brows knitted together, frowning over the fact that this wasn’t the first time. “You have to quit” You shook your head at his suggestion, “And do what? I need this job” He let go of your hands, running them through his hair. “Why? You have me” You shook your head, growing tired of his persistence. “No, let it go. I’ll take care of it”

Louis: "I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m here now and I’ll take care of you" You nodded your head into his chest, his words making your feel slightly better. "But now you don’t have to worry about anything" He whispered into your hair, kissing your forehead. "You can come travel with me and just relax" He hummed at the end of his sentence. The only thing that was missing when he was away was you. He was doing what he wanted and the only thing that could top it would be you, but was that all you wanted to be. "No" You pushed against his chest, his arms still linked around you, holding you still. "I don’t want that and you have to stop bringing it up" You rose from his lap, leaving him in frustration, tired of his constant nagging.

Zayn: "I quit my job today" You muttered, a hint of bitterness in your voice. "His head shot up, eyes wide. "Can I ask why?" His face still full of shock. He knew how much you loved your job, but he didn’t know about how your boss had been treating you lately. "It’s just" You paused, hesitating on telling him the truth."He said these horrible things" His face fell, yours saddening. "What kind of things?" He ran towards your frame as you broke down, his words replaying in your mind. "It’s okay" He stroked you hair, his mind racing. He held you close to his chest, the sound of his heart calming you down.

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