One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


52. You Are Dating One Of The Other Boys And He Doesnt Approve Part 2

Liam: Liam stood there, looking in unbelief how Louis's nose bleed in front of him. You grabbed Louis hand and dragged him into the bathroom, Liam followed you. "I'm sorry man." Liam apologized looking concerned, "You took me by surprise." "It's ok, I deserved it. We should have told you about us." "Well... are you guys like in love or something?" Liam asked awkwardly rubbing his hair with his right hand. "I love him." you spoke cleaning Louis blood off his face. "And I love her." "Well in that case... I don't love the idea of you too being together but I guess I will have to accept it. And Louis, if you broke my sister's heart, I'm gonna break your nose." Liam said placing a hand on Louis shoulder. Niall: "Niall I think you are over reacting." Liam said trying to calm him down. "Over reacting?! I leave the room for five minutes and you're already trying to fuck my sister! How could you try to take advantage of her like that? " "No he' didn't!" you yelled, "Oh god Niall we have been dating for two months." "What?" he asked perplexed. "Yeah man, we are dating. I wasn't trying to take advantage of her, I could never do that. I respect and love her too much to do it." "Oh god!" Niall sighed, "I was about to kill you man." "So you aren't against us being together?" you asked. "Yes I am, but there's nothing I can do, besides I'm so happy that Liam wasn't trying to rape you or something." Harry: It was the first time that you said that you loved him out loud. "You love him" Harry whispered, "Really?" he asked in unbelief. "Of course I do!" "I love her too", Niall said getting up, his right eye now black for Harry's previous bangs, "She's the best thing that has ever happened to me, she's my princes Harry." "And he's my prince." you whispered looking at Niall. "Ok! I can accept you two being together but please don't start acting all cheesy in front of me." "Then close your eyes." Niall murmured before walking toward you and pulling you into a passionate kiss. Zayn: "Zayn wait!" you begged as he walked out the room. "What?!" he spat. "Don't be mad at me. I know how to take care of myself and if Harry breaks my heart I'm strong enough to handle it." "I'm not mad at you Y/N." he sighed, "You are my little sister, I would hate to see you hurt by one of my best friends." "You need to trust me, I'm strong enough." "I know..." He said before walking toward you to hug you. "Just be careful" he whispered in your ear. Louis: You blinked a few times at him. "I don't like the idea of you dating one of my friends but what hurts the most is that you couldn't even tell me. Neither of you could!" "I-I'm sorry" you mumble, "I just... I'm sorry. I should have told you, but I was afraid that you would try to separate us." "Y/N look." he sighed, "I don't love the idea of you, my older sister, dating one of my best friends, but if you are truly in love I would never try to break that." "We are." Zayn whispered. "Well if that's the case, I wish you too the best." "Thank you so much!" you yelled and jumped toward Louis to hug him.
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