One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


51. You Are Dating One Of The Other Boys And He Doesnt Approve Of It

BSM: Brother sister moment. Liam: Your parent's were out of town and your older brother Liam was on Harry's house having a boys night with the rest of the lads, so you were home alone. You were watching TV when you heard the doorbell ring. You assumed that it was the pizza deliver so you got up and opened it. "Louis!" you yelled surprised, "I thought you were with the boys" "Liam told me that you were staying alone tonight so I told to the boys that I was sick and decided to make you company, if that's ok with you." A huge smile appeared on your face as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into the house to kiss you. He used his feet to close the door and pressed you against the wall. "Oh god. I have missed you bad." he said between kisses. You hadn't seen Louis in more than two weeks. Since your relationship was secret, you couldn't see him very often, so you took advantage of every single minute that you had together. Suddenly, the doorbell ringed again. "Where you expecting company?" Louis asked between kisses. "I ordered a pizza." He opened the door without separating his lips from yours. "WHAT THE FUCK!" you pulled away and turned around just to find an angry Liam on the door bell. "W-what are you doing here?" you managed to ask. "I forgot my keys... WHAT THE FUCK IT'S DOING LOUIS HERE?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE SICK DUDE! AND WHY ARE YOU KISSING MY SISTER?" "Liam please don't yell. You're gonna wake up the whole neighbourhood." "I DON'T CARE! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IT'S GOING ON HERE?" "We have been dating for four months." Louis spoke for the first time. "Four months..." Liam whispered in unbelief, "I'M GONNA KILL YOU." Next thing you knew, Liams fist was flying toward Louis face. Niall: Your brother Niall and his best friend Liam were sit on the living room's couch playing video games. You were sit on the floor, flipping a magazine and looking at them playing. "I'll be right back, I have too pee." Your brother said before standing up and stepping out the room. "I thought he would never leave." you said getting up the floor and sitting on Liam's lap. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you started to kiss his neck. "I love you so much." Liam said, closing his eyes at the feeling of your lips on his sensitive skin. "Excuse me!" Niall yelled at you looking puzzled. "Niall!" you said as you both got up the couch, "Let me explain you..." "LEAVE MY FUCKING HOUSE RIGHT NOW!" he yelled angrily at Liam. "But Niall-" Liam tried to spoke but Niall cut him off before he could finish his sentence. "Get out NOW! Or I swear I'm gonna kill you." Harry: "I have to tell you something" you overheard Niall talking with your brother on his bedroom. "What is it?" "Y/N and I are... kind of together." Niall nervously said. "Y/N?! My little sister Y/N?!" Harry angry asked. "Yeah... She and I-" A loud sound cut him off. You quickly opened the door and entered to the room. You saw Niall on the floor trying to avoid Harry's fists. "Harry stop!" you yelled, "You are hurting him!" "That's the idea!" You run toward them and grabbed Harry's shoulders trying to get him off Niall. "Harry please!" you desperately begged. He did as you said and got up from the floor. "I love him Harry" you said with tears in your eyes. Zayn: "Harry? Your are dating Harry?" Your older brother Zayn asked astonished after you just confessed him about your relationship with one of his best friends, "You have to broke up with him, right now." "I don't want to. I like him." "Y/N listen to me. Harry is a player and you are the most sentimental girl I know, he's gonna break your heart." "No, he's not!" you yelled defensively, "I know he truly likes me. He won't hurt me Zayn." "I know him better than you do. He's gonna hurt you, believe me." "I don't care what you think" "OK!" he yelled frustrated, "But when you end up crying because he broke your heart, don't come at me!" Louis: "I have to tell you something" you said as your younger brother looked confused at you and Zayn in front of him. "Actually, we have to tell you something." Zayn said. "We... umm..." "We re dating." Zayn said completing your sentence. "Yes, we are dating" You grabbed Zayn's hand and looked at Louis waiting for his response. "Since when?" he asked after a minute of silence. "Five months ago." you said. "FIVE MONTH?! YOU HAVE BEEN SCREWING WITH MY BEST FRIEND FOR FIVE MONTHS?!" "Louis don't talk to her like that!" Zayn defended you. "YOU DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT ZAYN! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS, BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG." "What's the problem? we haven't done anything wrong!" you yelled. "Yes you have! Zayn knew that that I didn't want him to get close to you and he did it any ways, and you have been lying to me for five months! I can't believe this!"
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