One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


78. They Beat Someone Up For You

ZAYN: "Zayn, come on, you don't need to fight him." You try pleading, but his eyes have darkened, and he's walking towards the stranger like a lion stalking his prey. "You think it's funny to harass my girl, yeah? I bet you won't think it's funny when you don't have a finger to scratch your ass with." He threatens sharply, winding back his arm for the punch.

HARRY: "You can't just fight guys, Harry." You sigh, wetting your towel and beginning to dab bloody spots on his temple. Most of the blood on him, mainly on his knuckles, was not his own. He had definitely won that fight. "You looked scared. I didn't want you scared." He mumbled, looking almost ashamed. You had never seen the bad boy like this, ,and it made your heart soften. LIAM: "Liam, Stop!" You exclaim, watching as he pounds the guys face several times, his nose beginning to reduce to a bloody pulp. You force yourself under the arm that was holding the guy against the wall, standing in between the two. "Y/N move. Now." Liam growls. You shake your head, but you know there are tears glistening in your eyes. "Liam, please just listen to me." You beg, watching as his brown eyes soften slightly. "You're lucky. If she wasn't here you'd be screwed." He informs the guy sharply, before taking you under his arm gently and leading you away. NIALL: "Come on, you look like you're looking for a little fun." The drunk guy continues, almost forcing you against the wall. You can't find your boyfriend, last time you saw him he said he was going to get drinks and for you to stay right here. This guy is making you so uncomfortable, making sexual comments and trying to get you to go home with him. "I have a boyfriend, you need to leave." You told him, moving another step back before hearing an Irish accent. "Oi! Care to explain what's going on? And step away from her before I fuck you up?" LOUIS: "I can't believe you hurt that guy so much." You murmur from the passenger's seat, looking over at your boyfriend who was obviously stronger than you thought. "Are you scared of me?" He asks slowly, but doesn't glance over at you. "No. I don't think so, at least, I'm just surprised, I guess, you looked so angry." He nodded, his movements again slow. "I was angry someone would treat you like a fucking piece of meat. He's going to act like a bitch, I'll beat him like a bitch." He responds, glancing over at you now with sad eyes. "You're not scared of me?" He asks again. You never see him vulnerable like this, so scared. "No, Louis, I'm not. It's okay. Just, be careful. Please."
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