One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


31. The Song That Describes Your Relationship


She’s Not Afraid

You never really believed in love, you thought it was a fake feeling that makes you make the wrong decisions. You promised yourself that you would never fall in love. But when you met Louis, he showed you that love is real, and is better then people make out.


Fool In Love~ Rihanna

Your parents didn’t approve of yours and Harry’s relationship. When they found out the forbidden you to see him, you told them you loved him but they kept saying that he would break your heart. But when they met him, they realized he isn’t what the media make out, he isn’t a “Ladies man" and he loves you more than you would ever know


Auburn~ My Baby

You loved Zayn with all your heart, and he loved you. He made you happy, and was the only reason you wake up in the morning. People didn’t really approve of your relationship sometimes, but they couldn’t do anything about it it was you life, your love.


Jasmine V~ I Own This

You got a lot of hate, like A LOT. The fans didn’t like the fact how you “stole" their little Niall. Or the fact how you use to reply to the hate with a comeback which they found “rude" but both of you didn’t care, he loved you, more than anything.


Kiss Me~ Ed Sheeran

You and Liam grew up together, and he had always liked you. You stood by him during everything, and when he finally had the courage to ask you out you admittedly said yes considering how you liked him more than anything. You had the most adorable relationship and the fans accepted it, and loved how happy you made Liam, and when your at home all you loved to do is cuddle with you adorable boyfriend

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