One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


46. Tears

Harry: The house was quiet, almost too quiet. "Babe?" You called out for Harry, but you didn't receive a reply. Now you were worried. "Harry," you walked into the bedroom to find him in a ball on the bed. "I'm sorry," he mumbled before wiping his face. You shook your head and held him in a hug. "You're human Harry, crying is okay. You're always there for me when I'm upset, now its my turn."
Niall: The past few weeks hadn't been easy for you. Your father was in the hospital, and the doctors had said he didn't seem as if he was going to make it. The second you told Niall his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you in, keeping you safe and okay. He practically made it his duty to be there to wipe your tears and keep your mind off the subject.
Zayn: Zayn's not a crier at all. If something upsets him, he does his best to push it away and completely ignore it. He can only do that for so long until he finally hits his breaking point. "I shouldn't be crying right now, I probably look so stupid." You shook your head, suddenly annoyed. "Zayn, you're not a robot. If you're going to cry, then cry. I'm not going to sit here and judge you. You can't be Mr. Tough Guy all the time. Every one cracks."
Louis: If you had a dollar for every time you got a tweet saying your boyfriend was gay, you'd be a billionaire. You can only take so much until you're on the verge of tears and Louis' seeing red. The one thing he can't stand about the fame is the fact his 'fans' will hurt you in such a way that you'll cry. It makes him ansolutely sick to his stomach.
Liam: "Liam open up." You'd been knocking on the bathroom door for well over ten minutes now. After the first five had gone by, you started to get worried. "Liam if you don't open this door I'll have to go around back and climb in through the window." No more than a second later he opened the door and pulled you into a hug. "It's okay to be upset Li, I'm always going to be here." He nodded. "Now don't do that to me again Liam, if you're upset tell me."

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