One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


119. Taste ;D(Ps Im Back Guys Sorry For The Wait c: )

Niall: “Don’t… don’t stop…” you stammered out, unable to breathe steadily as you straddled his face. Your hands tugged at his hair as he stared up at you, his eyes shining with a cocksure confidence. His mouth moved skillfully against your heat, Niall gripped your quivering thighs. “Shit… shit… shit,” you moaned as he lapped hungrily at you. He gave a low moan, the vibrations moving through you like a thunderbolt. He pulled away, leaning his head back against the pillow as he smirked up at you, in love with the way he had you coming undone. His lips glistened with your juices, parted as he panted for a moment’s breath. “Fuck, baby,” he growled, giving your thighs a squeeze. “…pussy tastes so fucking good.” His words caused another moan to creep from your lips and as it did, he went right back to work, pulling you further onto his face, sliding his tongue up your slit.

Liam: You tossed your head back in pleasure, bumping it against one of the light fixtures that hung over the island. “Careful, babe…” Liam chuckled, looking up at you with a raised brow from his place between your legs. “Don’t want to hurt yourself…” he teased, his lips brushing against your clit. Sighing, you slid your hands through Liam began to nuzzle his face against your head, his nose bumping your bud. He gave a throaty growl as he took it between his teeth, tugging lightly. “Mhmm,” he groaned against you, sucking at your center. He closed his eyes and sighed, running his calloused hands up and down your bare calves. “I love the way you taste, pretty girl.” You whimpered beneath his touch, your hands sliding out along the counter, sending several utensils tumbling to the kitchen floor. Liam smirked, shaking his head, happy to hear you were enjoying this almost as much as he was. 

Louis: “Just a taste, love…” he’ll beg, sticking out his lower lip in a teasing pout as he rested his chin on your shoulder. “I said no, Louis…” you grumbled, leaning into the mirror to fix up your mascara. “We’re going to be late if you don’t quit fucking around,” you warned him, your eyes shifting to glare at him through your reflection. Louis rolled his eyes, his fingertips pressing down into your bare hips as he stood behind you. You pursed your lips, trying to ignore him as you dug through your makeup bag, but it was almost impossible as he slid his hand down your stomach, dipping it into your panties. You inhaled sharply as he began to toy with your clit, rubbing small circles over it as he smirked at you in the mirror. “Just a taste, that’s all I want…” he said slyly with a small shake of his head. “Just… a taste of that pretty pussy…” he growled into your neck, his fingers hooking in the waistband of your panties. Your breath caught in your throat and couldn’t argue any longer as he slid them down your legs, crouching down behind you. Louis placed a hand on the small of your back, pressing down to lean you forward over your dressing table, using the other to push your legs apart. He hummed in satisfaction, his lips hovering just below your heat. “I know you don’t really want to go to this damn dinner anyways…”

Zayn: “Spread those lips for me, just a little wider babe,” Zayn would murmur, watching you with greedy eyes. You obliged, exposing yourself to him even more. “That’s it, so pretty baby…” he hummed, pressing his thumb to your clit as you leaned your head back against the shower wall. The warm water ran down your body, making ever sensation a thousand times sweeter. Zayn looked up at you from the tile floor, where he knelt in front of you, his bottom lip tucked beneath his teeth. “You’re so beautiful…” he said, shaking his head in disbelief. You couldn’t be real, he couldn’t be this lucky. “Z…” you gasped, pushing back his hair. “I want it…” He nodded, lifting your left leg gently and draping it over his shoulder. “I know baby, I know…” Zayn licked his lips before wrapping them around your clit. A stream of moans fell from your lips as he flattened his tongue, sliding it slowly up your slit. “God, I can’t get enough of the way you taste…” he growled, as you tangled your fingers in his wet hair.

Harry: “Settle down, pretty girl…” he’d cooed, looking up at you from between your legs with such a softness in his hungry eyes, you couldn’t help but sigh. You stopped squirming, yet he still placed his arm across your stomach to hold your hips down. “Try to stay down,” he murmured, peppering the inside of your thighs with light kisses. “Or else I wouldn’t be able to taste you properly….” You moaned, rolling your head back as he pressed his lips to your clit, kissing it softly. Using the tip of his tongue, he began to draw figure eights around it, sending you into a frenzy. You fought to keep yourself still, but you couldn’t help it as he began to suck at you. A wild moan left your lips as you bucked your hips up. Harry didn’t look up at all; he only gripped at your hips, his fingers pressing down into your skin as he continued to slurp at your center, quickening his pace. “Stay down,” he growled against you, the hum of his voice vibrating against your sensitive core so sweetly. “Don’t make me tell you again…” he warned, slipping a finger inside of you slowly, smirking as you stretched around him, trying not to thrash about on the bed beneath him. 

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