One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


61. Something He Says During Sex

Harry: "Tell me how you want it." He moans sweetly into the kiss, while his lips linger at yours. But soon continuing to kiss you more aggressively until both your lips are swollen and pink. Along with the pink that spread across your cheeks. You feel the vibration on your skin as he whispers smoothly into your neck, "C'mon baby, you don't have to be shy. Not with me." His body now hovering over yours as he stares down at your deep blush. His muscular arms have your body trapped as they're placed on either side of you. The necklace he always wears now swinging back and forth over your chest. A devilish grin appears upon his face that shows those gorgeous dimples. He leans down to peck your lips but soon running his hands up your shirt, ready to take you any way you like.

Liam: "So good for me," he grunts while trying to catch his breath. His chest rising and falling as he stares down at you through half lidded eyes. Tucking his lip down under his teeth and biting trying to hold back a moan. "Just like that," he groans while grabbing a fist full of your hair, but gently guiding our mouth up and down on him. He has you stop to look up at him with innocent eyes right before his climax. A little saliva drips down from your bottom lip and he runs his thumb across your mouth to swipe it up. Stroking your chin and neck area lightly. "Good girl." Then without him asking, you fit him back in your mouth. This time he runs his fingers softly through the strands of your hair. Mumbling, "I love you," in between deep breaths. Louis: "Let me hear you." He grunts darkly into the back of your neck. He has you pushed firmly against the wall. Along with your hands, because he told you if you move them, he'd leave you there. Louis becomes way too slow for your liking, so you whine and arch your back, but keeping your hands on the wall above your head. He gets more angry than your thought he would, spanking you so hard that you cry out. But he keeps you there, grabbing at your hips. Taking you so much faster now, and it caught you by surprise. But you whimper out at the pleasure. Your fingertips scratch up and down the wall desperately. And Louis spanks you harder this time, but never stopping his fast pace. He has you shouting out his name over and over. Until he lets your hands drop down to your sides. "I love it when you obey me." Niall: "You like that?" And it all depends on how he's taking you. If he's being gentle, he almost whispers these words. While Intertwining your hands together, groaning and humming in your ear. His full body weight is on you, and he's taking you so mind numbingly slow that you have whimper out. He has your hands above your head and he squeezes on them tight every now and then when he's close. And if he's being rough with you, he grunts it into your neck. While arching your back, gasping for air. Maybe leaving some scratch marks and bruises on his tensed up back muscles. Either way it always has the same effect on you. Almost making you come undone. You give him a little moan of encouragement to answer his question. "Want some more?" Zayn: "Now be good girl," he hums in his thick accent. He lowers your body down onto the bedspread. Letting his hands rest right underneath your bum, yanking at your underwear. You allow your legs to fold up to give him better access to pulling off your panties. You arch your back as you feel his breath on your knee, and he kisses all the way down to your thigh. Stopping there, teasing you, then crawling up to your face, attacking your lips. You moan in his mouth and he unbuckles his belt, "gonna make you say my name," He pulls his jeans down, along with his boxers, rather quickly. Your legs wrap around his torso and your heels dig into his lower back. He doesn't stop until your screaming for him. Bruising up his back.

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