One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


48. Rough Sex

Harry: When Harry came from tour after not seeing you for 6 months, he was desperate to make you his again. Kissing you passionately as soon as you opened the door, his hands ripping your clothes off before you could even process what was happening. Not wanting to waste a second he took you right there on the floor, thrusting hard in you making you scream his name and dug your nails in his back. He wanted you, he needed you. Desperate groan slipping from his lips as his eyes stared into yours the whole time, letting you know how much he longed for you, how much he missed you. The next morning you woke up sore and barely able to move, the red scratches on Harry's back and the bruises on your legs where Harry's hands previously held you as a prove of your rough night. Liam: Liam was the sweetest boy in the world, but when you argued he would let the beats he had inside come out. "I hate you!" you spat at him. His face brutally changed, his eyes darkened as he approached at you, making you back away till your back crushed against the wall. "Don't say that." he angrily whispered before crushing your lips together, kissing you passionately and desperately. Your hands on his hair and his on your exposed thighs, rubbing and squeezing hard. "Jump" he demanded against your lips as he unzipped his pants. You did as he said, wrapping your legs on his waist making your tight dress go up your legs. After ripping your underwear he shoved himself into you, pounding hard and fast making you scream and squeeze his shoulders. "Don't. You. Ever. Say. That. Again." he groaned with every thrusts. "How do you love? Answer me!" he demanded. You couldn't take it any more, letting your answer slip from your mouth as you reached your high, "You, I love you!" Niall: Niall was really insecure about your relationship. He was afraid that you could find someone better, jealous every time you talked with another guy. So in the nights he would thrust in you as hard as he could, making you scream his name at the top of your lungs, grabbing your legs so hard that it would let bruises the next morning, sucking your neck to mark you. Letting everyone know that you are his, letting you know that you are his and letting him know that you are his. Zayn: Zayn was a dominant. He loved being in charge, proving you that he was your owner and that you had to obey. "Don't make a single sound." he demanded after tying your wrists and ankles to the bed. You bit your lips as he pounded hard in you, trying really hard not to make any sound. You fisted your hands at the leak of something to squeeze, needed some way to relief your pleasure. A small gasp escaped from your lips making Zayn stop. "What did I say?" he asked pulling out of you, "Now if you want this." He rubbed his tip against your exposed skin. "You will have to beg." "Please sir." you whimpered bucking your hips, "Give it to me, I need you." "Good girl." he whispered before slamming in you hard making a loud moan escape from your mouth and your toes curl. "Fuck Y/N!" he groaned closing his ayes as he started to move inside you again, "I love you so much!". Louis: When Louis was nervous about a show or an important interview there was only one thing able to calm him down. You. He needed to waste all his energies in you, shoving himself into you hard and fast, holding you hands on top of your head with one hand and exploring your body with the other one. He would whisper in your ear the whole time, letting you know how much he loved you and needed you, how wonderful you felt around him. After finally reaching his high he would just give you a few minutes of rest before attacking your body again, letting you so tired that you would be barely able to open your eyes the next morning.
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