One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


95. Pictures Of Him With Another Girl Part 2;

Niall: It had been two days and just like you though Niall hadn’t tried to get in contact with you. You cried all of the first day but realized that you shouldn’t be crying, he obviously didn’t care and neither should you. You had decided to go out to the with you best friend and let loose. You had gotten dressed in a skin tight dress, sky high heels, and you hand done your make up and hair to perfection. You guys headed out around 10 at night, ready to get the party started. The first thing you did when you got there was go to the bar. The drinks kept coming, the music was bumping, and you were having a good time. That was until you saw him in that same club as you. As soon as you saw him, he saw you. You tried your best to disappear but he found you. You tried to walk away but he caught you arm, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” he growled, clearly angry. You pulled your arm out him grip, “Why do you care?” You tried to walk away but he grabbed you again. “Let me go!” you yelled. “What is wrong with you? You leave and don’t tell me where you go? What the hell is this YN?” he shouted. You pushed him away from you, “Why don’t you go to the slut you were cheating on me with? I saw the pictures, Niall. All the evidence is there, so don’t try to deny it.” He looked guilty but he didn’t say a word. You scoffed and walk away, but you could hear footsteps running after you. “YN, wait! It was a mistake. I love you and only you. I fucked up, I didn’t care at the time but these last two days without you made me worried. I missed you and I didn’t like that feeling. I’m sorry, don’t leave.” he said, as soon as he caught up to you.”You love me? YOU LOVE ME? IF YOU LOVED ME YOU WOULDN’T HAVE CHEATED! I was patient with you, but you made me feel unwanted the last week and you cheated. I will never forgive you for this!” you yelled. You walked away leaving a hurt and heartbroken Niall on the sidewalk. You had tried to make him happy the best you could, but apparently your best wasn’t good enough. He cheated and, as much as you wanted to, you weren’t going to forgive him for it. 

Zayn: You stayed in bed for the rest of the day and the next, not wanting to deal with anyone or anything. You left your phone off and you didn’t dare log on to twitter with your laptop. You watched TV and only got out of bed when you really need to. You kept picturing him with another girl making it worse on yourself. You couldn’t believe he would do that to you. There had  been knocking at the front door but you didn’t bother getting up and  answering. The knocking continued and you still ignored it. Eventually it stopped, but you heard the front door open and footsteps headed up the stairs. The only other person who had a key was Zayn. Next thing you knew the door was open and standing there was Zayn. “YN, why has your phone been off?!” he asked, panicked as he came to sit on the bed next to you. “Go away! I don’t want to see or talk to you.” you said, pulling the covers over your face. “That picture is fake, love. Please don’t do this.” he said, attempting to pull the covers off of you. You kept fighting him and he gave up on pulling them. “YN, I would never cheat on you. It wasn’t even me in that picture. Please, babe, listen to me.” he begged. You kept quiet, willing to hear him out but you still wouldn’t put the covers down. “I love you too much to ever do that to you.” “Why would they be saying that’s you then, huh? Zayn, that picture looks 100% real!” you cried out. “Look at me, YN.” he said, and you pulled the covers down. “I would never, in a million years, ever cheat on you. You should know that. I sent you a million text messages and called you even more times trying to get you to listen to me but your phone was off. I cried the whole time, babe. I got the first flight out and I cried the whole way. I can’t lose you. I promise it wasn’t me in that picture.” he kept ranting. You could see the truth behind his eyes. You could see that it was eating him apart on the inside. You sat up, “I believe you.” He looked up at you and smiled, “You do?” You could see pure joy coming from him, you nodded. He jumped on you and gave you the biggest hug ever, “I will never cheat on you, babe. Thank you for believing me.” You held onto him and cried, “I’m sorry I doubted you.” He pulled back and wiped your tears, as you wiped his, and he gave you a soft kiss. You guys talked and talked for hours. You apologized and he kept reassuring you that he would never cheat on you. The next day he had to go back on tour because he left without telling anyone and he had a show. You promised not to believe lies that would mostly be spread again.

Louis: You got to the hotel and checked in. It took a couple hours before the texts and calls, asking where you were, came in. You ignored them for the most part. You really didn’t want to listen to the voice mails and hear his voice either. You didn’t want to turn you phone off but you were tired of the constant ringing, so you answered. He yelled at you and asked where you were. You didn’t want to tell him, but you knew that it was something you guys had to talk about and you ended up telling him. He was at you room door within 10 minutes, you opened the door and then walked away. “Why did you leave?” he asked, as followed you into the room. “Well you have the magazine, you should know why I left.” “So, you run away and yo don’t answer my calls and texts?” he was angry but you thought he didn’t have a right to be. “I didn’t want to talk about something that I already know the answer to, Lou. Can you honestly say you didn’t cheat?” you finally cried out. He looked hurt and you could see tears forming in his eyes. “I-I’m sorry.” was the only thing he said. “You’re sorry? Wow, that’s great! Get out, don’t call me or text me. Don’t com see me again. I’ll get my stuff when you’re at work or I’ll have someone get it.” you said, trying to push him towards the door but he wouldn’t budge. “No, YN, we need to talk. I love you, It was the biggest mistake in my life. I promise, it’ll never happen again. Don’t make me leave.” he begged. “If you loved me you wouldn’t have cheated. Louis, you broke me. Please just go!” you said. You gave up on pushing him out, you were weak. All you wanted to was laying under the covers and sulk. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t love me and I’ll leave. I made a mistake but I will do anything to make everything better.” he said. You just stared at him for the longest time. “I-I can’t.” you whispered. He smiled, “Then give me another chance to prove to you that I love you and only you.” You just nodded you head and he pulled you into his embrace. “I love you so much. I promise that it was a mistake. I’m so sorry.” He must’ve said he was sorry a million times. it seemed like forever before you guys pulled away, “You’re not completely forgiven. You need to earn back my trust.” “Anything, babe. I will do anything.” he said. He went in for a kiss but you rejected it. It took a couple weeks before you started to get back to normal, he kept to his promise and he did all he could do to earn your trust back.

Harry: You fell asleep and after an hour or so you heard the front door open and close, then you heard his familiar footsteps coming up the stairs. You prepared yourself for the banging on the door and the yelling to get it open to happen. He tried to open the door but it would open, he tried over and over again before he started knocking. “YN, love open up. Please.” “No.” “Please open up, it’s not what it looked like, I promise.” “Whatever Harry. Go away, I’m tired and for all I know you could be lying,” you said, stubbornly. He kepy banging on the door and begging for you to open it, you were getting annoyed because you couldn’t sleep. You ended up getting up and opening it for him. “WHAT?!” you yelled, before you made you way back to the bed. He grabbed you and kissed you, you ended up pushing him away. “GET OFF OF ME!” “Babe, stop. I didn’t do anything!” he said, pulling you back. You tried to fight him but you ended up breaking down in his arms. “Don’t lie to me.” He was trying to calm you down and after awhile when you were he started to speak up. “I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me. The paps got a picture of the kiss but not of me pushing her away. I don’t would never cheat on you. Please believe me.” he said, he finally broke down too. Those tears weren’t fake and something was telling you to believe him. “Harry… Do you promise?” you whispered. “Of course I don. I love you and only you. She kept hitting on me and I tried to stay away but she kept following me. I didn’t do anything.” he whispered back, looking into your eyes. “Okay. I understand.” you said. He hugged you and cried into your shoulder, “I love you. I love you. I love you.” “I love you, too. Can we go to bed? I’m exhausted.” He nodded his head and picked you up before laying you in bed. He laid next to you and you guys cuddled up. You heard him whisper, “You’re the only one I want and need.” before you fell asleep.” There was always rumors of him cheating on you but you chose to ask him before jumping to conclusions. You trusted him and decided not to act out, like you did this time, again.

Liam: You woke up to knocking on the door, when you opened it Liam was standing in front of you. It took him less than an hour to show up at your door, he didn’t tell you he was coming so you were home. “Can I come in?” he asked. “To get your stuff and leave? Sure.” you said, bitterly and moving over for him to come in. “No to talk to you. The  you can decide if you want me to leave or not.” he said, walking in and going into the living room. You followed him, “Whatever you have to say my answer will be the same. I want you to get your stuff and leave. I don’t really want to listen to you or see you right now.” you stated. He sat down and patted the spot next to him asking you to sit down. You shook you head and he sighed, “I was confused, YN.” “What’s so confusing about we are on a break but we are NOT broken up?” you asked. “I-I, ugh, I didn’t want a break! I wanted to work it out but you couldn’t handle it! I wanted us to work!” he yelled in frustration. “I needed time, we were fighting all the time and it wasn’t healthy! We weren’t broken up but you still went out with another girl. You should have told me what you wanted! It’s not always about me, Liam!” you yelled back. “I wanted you to be happy! I went out with her because I was miserable and I need to get you off my mind. You were in my head 24/7 and I wanted you.” he sighed. You could see that he was hurt but you weren’t backing down. “That doesn’t give you a right to go out with another girl. I was here thinking about us and you were going on dates? We weren’t broken up, Liam. Technically you cheated on me.” you cried out. He was speechless. You stood there crying and he saw you, he got up to walk towards you but you told him to stop by putting your hands out in front of you. “YN, please?” he asked. “No, I can’t so this. You can get your stuff and leave.” you said, “No, don;t do this! I love you!” he yelled. He had tears streaming down his face and  so did you. “I love you, too… But we fight too much and you basically cheated on me during our break. I can’t be with you, Li. I want you to be happy and I don’t make you happy anymore.” you cried. He came to you and hugged you, “Okay, I’ll respect your decision. I’m sorry.” he whispered. He placed a kiss on your head and pulled away before he went to collect his things. He came back and you guys said your goodbyes. It was hard to leave each other but it was for the best. In the end, all you guys wanted was the other to be happy.

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