One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


94. Pictures Of Him WIth Another Girl Part 1;

Niall: Lately Niall had been acting really weird and you were starting to get concerned. He was usually so affectionate with you but lately he tried to avoid you as best as he could. It was starting to get annoying considering the fact that you guys lived together. You sat at the table looking at twitter while drinking your morning coffee, Niall had left before you woke up so you were alone. You saw that people kept tweeting you links that said “Niall Horan caught with someone other than his gf, what’s going on?” You nearly spit out your coffee. You kept mumbling to yourself, deciding whether or not you should open. Your finally decided to open and sure enough, it looked like  legit photo of Niall and some girl getting a little too close. Tears formed and you could feel your heart breaking. You didn’t know what to do but you knew that you didn’t want to see him when he got home. You went upstairs and packed somethings, enough to last you a week. A week that would be spent thinking. You didn’t think Niall would notice you being gone so you didn’t leave him a note or send a text telling him you were leaving. You got into the car and headed to your best friend’s house.

Zayn: Zayn was on tour and you missed him a lot. You guys tried to stay in contact as much as you could but there was always a big time difference between you two that made it hard. The calls were coming less often and texts were short answered and short lived. You were wondering what was going on but you thought that he was busy and tired, so you let it go. You had been running out of food at home, so you decided to go grocery shopping. You had gotten everything you needed and you were heading for the register. You stopped at the magazine stand because you wanted the new addition of you favorite magazine. You were searching for it when you came across a tabloid that had a picture of you and Zayn on it, you usually don’t bother reading them but for some reason you picked it up. You instantly read the headline “Zayn Malik Cheating on Girlfriend YN While on Tour?” You threw it into the basket to read later and checked out. As you got into the car you read the article and cried. There was proof, pictures of him kissing another girl to be exact. You sat there and cried for awhile before you finally left the parking lot. You got home and sent him a text saying, Thanks for everything, I can see that you no longer want me. You’re free go be with her instead. You can get your stuff after tour, just let me know when and I won’t be home.” And with that you turned off your phone, not wanting to see his response, and fell asleep crying.

Louis: Louis has been going out late at night and coming home drunk lately but you didn’t think anything of it. He was still being the same with you, always hugging, kissing, and telling you how much he loved you. You thought that his nightly  behavior was due to stress and you didn’t want to act like his mother and stop him. You decided to go shopping because you were bored and Louis was asleep with a major hangover. You were having a good time shopping, but who wouldn’t? You were going in and out of stores, picking cute clothes and trying different things on. You were hungry, so you went to the food court to eat. You were waiting in line when a couple girls came up to you, “Sorry to bother you but you’re YN, right?” You nodded and smiled at her. “I thought, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m sorry about you and Louis’.” she said, that got you confused. You smiled, “What are you talking about?” “Well, in this magazine there’s pictures of him with another girl. I assumed you knew.” she said, handing you the magazine. You asked if you could keep it and she said it was fine. You guys said your goodbyes and you had lost your appetite, you decided to go home. You look at the pictures and they definitely didn’t looked Photoshopped. The thing that made it more real was the fact that, in the picture, Louis was wearing the same thing he wore the other night. You were mad and heartbroken. You went home seeing that he was still asleep, so you wrote him a note saying, "Now I see what you’ve been doing all those times you went out.I’m done, I’ll come back for my stuff." You left the note and the magazine on the counter top, before walking out of the house. You had packed a bag before you wrote the note, you decided to stay at a hotel while you figured things out.

Harry: There was always rumors about Harry being with another girl but you chose never to believe them. You trusted Harry and never wanted to doubt him. There had been a party, that had been planned for months, that you guys were supposed to attend tonight but you got sick. Harry had offered to stay home and take care of you but you pushed him to go out and have a good time, and he finally listened to you. He had been gone for a couple hours when you started to get bored. You decided to get on twitter and see what was happening. After tweeting for a bit, fans started sending you twitpic links saying, “Is that Harry with another girl?!” You didn’t want to look at because you already knew it was going to be a lit but something inside you told you to open it. You quickly regretted it. You sat on the couch and looked over every single detail to try to say it was Photoshopped, but there was nothing. You got of twitter and started to over think everything, you decided to text him, "You can sleep at that girl’s house. Don’t bother coming home. How could you do this?" You went up to your room and locked the door behind you just in case. Your phone started ringing, it was Harry, you declined it but he kept calling and soon he started sending texts. You turned off your phone and went to sleep, not wanting to deal with him.

Liam: Liam and you had been on a break, not a break up. You guys had been fighting a lot but you guy still loved each other. Neither of you wanted to break up, so you decided to take a break and be on your own for a week or two. It was the 4th day on break and you were already missing him. You decided to go out and do something’s with your friends. You guys had gone shopping and then grabbed lunch. You had gotten your mind off of him him for awhile. You were going back home when you saw that you needed to get gas for your car, so you stopped at the nearest gas station. You had gone into pay and buy a snack for later. You were walking around when you saw a magazine that said, “Liam Payne’s new gf? What happened to YN?” You were curious to what was in it, so along with you gas and snack you bought it. You looked at it the minute you got home and cried, you believed that he had moved on already. You thought that he would actually want to work it out after the break, but apparently not. You didn’t know how to feel or act, no tears were shed but your heart was hurting. You decided just to let him go. You decided to send him a text, "I guess our break is over, huh? You can come get your stuff whenever you want. I want you to be happy and if she makes you happy then so be it.Tell me when your come, so I won’t be here.” He didn’t reply right away, so you decided to watch TV but you ended up falling asleep on the couch.

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