One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


70. On The X Factor With The Boys

-Flashback to 2010-

You finally got the courage to audition for The X Factor and made it to the first week of boot-camp and was sitting in the waiting room absolutely nervous when a boy with short curly hair and huge green eyes walked over and sat down next to you and smiled, “Hi, I’m Harry.” he said, holding his hand out. You smiled and shook it, “I’m (Y/N).” you said. Your hands were shaking. “You’re nervous.” he said, you nodded. “Don’t be.” he said, “I was in the waiting room when you first auditioned; your voice is amazing. There’s nothing to be nervous about! You’re going to do amazing, babe.” he said, smiling. You grinned, “Thank you.” at that moment his name was called and he stood up, “Hopefully I see you at the live shows, (Y/N).” he said, walking away.

After you sang in front of the judges there was a boy with short straight hair standing nervously with a microphone in his hand. His brown eyes filled with fear. You walked up to him and patted his shoulder, “You’ll be fine.” you said, reassuring him. You had heard him singing backstage; his voice was beautiful. He smiled and nodded, “Thank you. You did great.” he had a Wolverhampton accent with a birthmark on his neck. “I’m Liam.” he said, smiling. “I’m (Y/N).” you said, “Good luck, Liam.” “Thank you.” he said, walking out on stage.

A week later some of your closest friends had gone home, and there was a select few left. You were in the same area alone listening to music on the lowest level when you heard a guitar strumming and looked up to see a blonde boy sitting on the floor playing one of your favorite songs to himself. You smiled and began to sing the lyrics quietly at first until you finally began to sing louder, his playing getting quieter, and he began to sing with you. His voice was unlike anything you’d ever heard before; but it was nice. After the song ended you introduced yourself, and he did the same. His name was Niall and he was Irish. After talking for a while you learned a little about him. He was a really nice boy and was extremely friendly, and you wondered why he was by himself until your name was finally called and you walked out on stage, leaving him alone with his guitar.

The last day of boot-camp came and you were in a room with several girls and a few boys. There were two on both sides of you and Harry was across the room listening to music looking down at his phone. You began humming when the boy next to you smiled, “I love that song.” he said. You looked up, he had dark almost black hair with brown eyes and a nice smile. You smiled back, “I auditioned with it.” you said smiling, he nodded, “I was going to, but my voice isn’t strong enough for it. You must have a great voice.” he said, “I’m Zayn.” You smiled, “I’m (Y/N).” you said. “Nice to meet you, (Y/N).” he said, looking into your eyes then looking away. You smiled and turned around, bumping your shoulder into the boy next to you, “Sorry.” you said quietly. “It’s okay.” a higher pitched voice said. You looked at his face: he had light blue eyes and brown hair, he dressed nice, and also had a nice smile. He looked at your jacket, “Pink Ladies, eh? I was in Grease myself.” he said, nodding. “Really? Who did you play?” you asked. “Danny. And yourself?” “I played Sandy!” you said, shocked. “No shit!” he said, just as surprised.

You spent the next few minutes bonding over your love of Grease when all the boys were called to leave, both boys said goodbye to you and Harry waved from across the room. Niall also passed and tapped your shoulder, giving you a warm smile and Liam gave you a small hug for good luck.

Twenty minutes later those same five boys came back crying. You rushed up and hugged them all, “I’m so sorry, lads.” you said, frowning. They all hugged you and began to walk out. Little did they know their lives would change forever.

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