One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


36. Officially Together


"Harry! Harry! Is she the new girlfriend?" The paparazzi yell as you both walk to Harry’s car. “Yea she is” Harry grins widely getting into his car. “Harry!” You shout getting into the car. “What?” He grins. “I thought we were going to wait a little longer” you say playfully hitting him. “Come on now babe we both know the fans would catch on quickly” Harry defends his actions. “Yea, yea it’s just going to be a mess now” you sigh relaxing into the car seat.


"You guys are so cute!" Some fans scream as you and Liam  enter the arena. "Those fans were cute" you giggle, "it’s been a lot easier us being telling them we are together" "Yes it has, a lot easier than what I thought” Liam said guiding you around. “You thought the fans would freak?” You question. “Well it’s happened before” Liam confesses. “But we’re different” you grin cheekily skipping around the arena.


'Louis Tomlinson from One Direction has confirmed he is back off the market' the article read. “So Louis you're off the market huh?” You question nudging your boyfriend. “Oh so the article finally came out?” Louis asks, “be ready for the tweets and whatever social media you have will be stalked” Louis laughs hugging you. “Don't speak badly of your fans, heck I was one of them” you say. “But now you're more then a fan, you're my girlfriend” Louis grins leaning into you.


"Niall, look we’re on the kiss cam" you  point out while at the baseball game. Niall looks up and then leans over to kiss you. Soon there were tweets questioning your relationship, and Niall being rash tells them you guys were dating. "Niall what’s her name? She’s beautiful" the paparazzi shout as you leave the ball game. "Her name is Y/N and yes she is!" Niall shouts getting into his Range Rover.


"Okay babe this is going to be crazy" Zayn warns you as head outside for the first time as a "couple". "I know I’m the most prepared I will ever be" you say holding onto his hand tightly. "You’ll do fine, trust me" Zayn kisses your forehead before opening the hotel door to chaos. The door open to many paparazzi and fans swarming. Paul helped you both get through. Many questions were asked about your relationship as you made the short walk to the car. "That was crazy" you say buzzing from the crowd. "I told you it would be" Zayn laughed kissing your temple.

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