One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


11. Never Fake An Orgasm

~The Tittle Says It All ;D~

“Don’t get me wrong, I mean the sex is great and everything.” I sighed as I readjusted the phone against my ear, reaching towards the bowl of grapes on the counter in front of me.

“But…?” My best friend urged on the other line, annoyed by how hesitant I was being towards her questions about Harry and I’s sex life.

“But I’m tired of faking my orgasms.” I breathed out, happy to have finally admitted it to someone. “I can’t even remember that last time I had one. He’s so rough that it’s more pain than pleasure.”

“Why don’t you just tell Harry?”

“Because it’s not that simple. He would hate me if he found out our sex life was an entire lie… I don’t want him to think he’s bad in bed, because he’s not.” I leaned against the counter as I brought a strand of hair up to my eyes, twisting it
around my finger and watching the ends intently.

“Well he’s clearly doing something wrong.” She pointed out. “Look, I have to go.” I could hear people mumbling on the other end, telling her to get of the phone. “But good luck with Harry!”

Before I could say anything back the line went dead, and I sighed as I thought over the situation. She was right- I couldn’t pretend forever. But I also couldn’t tell Harry, he would never understand.

As if on queue I heard keys jingle behind me seconds before they hit the table outside the kitchen, and I spun around quickly to find Harry standing in the doorway. “Hey.” I breathed out, eyeing him carefully, unsure of how long he’d been standing there. I leaned my back against the counter, gripping the edge tightly as the silence grew thick.

“You fake your orgasms?” He spoke slowly, disappointment stuck to his every word.

“Harry-” before I could finish my sentence he disappeared out of the room, and I could hear him walking up the stairs before slamming our bedroom door shut.

I pulled away from the counter and ran after him, taking the stairs two steps at a time. When I finally pushed through the doors, I frowned in confusion as Harry was stripping the bed of its blankets and sheets.

“What are you doing?” I asked, crossing my hands over my chest as I stood off to the side.

Harry didn’t say anything as he continued. When the bed was completely stripped, he walked into the bathroom and began opening and closing drawers.

I sighed heavily as I walked around the blankets that were now cascaded over the floor, and made my way to the bathroom. I leaned against the doorframe, watching as Harry’s brows were knit furiously together as he searched high and low for something he couldn’t seem to find.

“Where’s the baby-oil?” He slammed the last drawer shut, yelling his question out in frustration.

“In the drawer next to the bed, why?” I lifted my eyebrow up at him in confusion.

He pushed past me as he walked out of the bathroom, on a clear mission to find the baby-oil. He smirked as he opened the bedside drawer, pulling out the oil and sitting it gently on the bed. He slowly made his way over to me, resting his hands on my hips and pulling me tightly against him. He trailed his hands along the curve of my spine, placing his lips against my ear. “After tonight, I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll never fake an orgasm again.”

My breath caught in my throat at his words, and I gulped hard as he pulled back slightly, undoing each button of my shirt carefully. After three were undone, he ran his finger from the bottom of my neck, along the valley of my chest, and finally straight down; making the rest of the buttons pop open as his finger ran across them. He rested his hands on my shoulders momentarily before sliding the shirt off, leaving me in my black-laced bra. One by one he slid each bra strap off, trailing his finger along my arm and igniting sparks against my skin. He leaned in to kiss me gently as he moved his hands to my back, unclasping the bra and allowing it to fall to our feet.

His lips were soft as they danced along my own. He trailed his tongue along my bottom lip teasingly before entering it in to my mouth, where he fought for dominance and won, as always.

He kissed me deeper as his hand trailed to the top of my jeans, undoing the zipper and button in one swift motion. He tugged on the jeans, and I wiggled slightly as they fell to the floor. I pulled away from him, stepping out of them and kicking them to the side.

He moved even further back until he reached the bed, taking a seat on the end. “Take off your underwear.” He motioned to the only part of me still covered.

I bit my lip between my teeth as I slid them down slowly, never taking my eyes off his until they pooled at my feet. I stepped out of them and moved to the side, crossing my arms over my chest as I stood completely naked and open. I shifted my feet uncomfortably as Harry looked me up and down from where he was sitting.

“Uncross your arms, babe.” He groaned, annoyed that I was trying to cover myself. “And don’t move or say a word.” He began palming himself over his jeans, never taking his eyes away from me. The bulge in his pants was growing fast, and it wasn’t long before he removed his clothes altogether. He stood in front of me, staring at my breasts as he gripped his cock in his right hand, pumping it slowly as he bit his lip lightly.

I could feel myself beginning to get wet at the sight of him getting himself off. I’d never seen him do it before, as he would always just fuck me when he was horny and once he was done that was it. There was never any foreplay or teasing. I leaned against the dresser behind me, moving my hand to my clit and began rubbing gentle circles against the bundle of nerves. I moaned lightly, closing my eyes at the sensations growing within me.

“Stop.” Harry said angrily, walking up to me and yanking my hand away. “You don’t get to touch yourself.” He gripped my hand tighter as he pulled me over to the bed. “Lie down and close your eyes.”

I obeyed his order, lying myself down on the empty bed, resting my head on the pillow as it was the only thing still there. I sighed deeply as I closed my eyes, trying not to worry about where Harry was going with this. I heard a bottle cap open and jolted slightly as I felt something drip onto my lower stomach, and then onto both of my breasts. I heard the click of the bottle closing, and could sense Harry hovering above me.

“Just relax, okay babe?” He placed his hands in the crevice between my shoulders and neck, squeezing gently to release the built up tension. “This is going to feel so good.” His voice was strained as he spoke, and I could feel myself getting wetter by the second.

He ran his hands down to my breasts, massaging the oil into each one carefully. His hands were slippery, but also warm and strong as they kneaded my breasts together and apart. He traced around my nipple with his finger, and I almost lost it when a small moan escaped his lips as my nipple hardened under his touch. He flicked it back and forth, pinching it lightly before moving on to the other breast and repeating the same movements with his other hand.

He tugged at both nipples once more before wrapping his plump lips around the left one, flicking his tongue against it. I let a couple moans escape my lips, letting him know how good it felt. When he began sucking on it forcefully, my moans grew louder, causing him to suck as hard as he could until I began whimpering under his grip. The sensation was almost too much for me to handle, as my nipples began to get unbearably sensitive. I gasped as he bit down lightly onto the now bright pink nub before pulling away entirely. “I thought I told you to close your eyes?” He pouted his bottom lip out.

“I want to watch you.” I shrugged.

“Fine.” He sighed, tracing his finger from my chest down to the pool of oil at the bottom of my stomach. He spread his hands in it, moving them along my leg all the way down to my feet and then back up, massaging the oil into my skin. “How does it feel so far?” He asked, not looking up from me as he massaged my hips.

“Mmm.. Really good.” I whispered, earning a smirk from him.

“Good. Because the best part is yet to come.” He winked at me, hinting the irony of his words. He traced circles along the insides of my thighs, close enough to my heat that I squirmed under his touch. He ran his finger along the outline, and I’d never needed him more. “You’re dripping, babe.” He whispered before running his finger along my slit, wiping it away. He brought his finger up to his lips and sucked gently, humming as he slid it out. “God you taste fucking good.”

He leaned down at the edge of the bed, pulling me so that my legs were dangling off the end and my core was only inches from his face. His curls tickled the insides of my thighs, and I squirmed under his grip at the thought of where his lips were about to go. My hips rose as he blew cold air against my center, the sensation causing me to gasp. He pushed my hips down with his hands and held them in place before placing his tongue against my pussy and running it along my slit painfully slow. I reached forward and gripped onto his hair, tugging lightly and silently begging for more. He placed a warm kiss against my clit before wrapping his lips around it, sucking gently.

I whimpered out at the pressure he created, and I could feel a form of heat beginning to rise from my core. “Oh my god Harry.” I panted as he began to suck harder. “That feels s-so good.” I stumbled on my words as I felt two oiled fingers pressed against my slit. He slid them in slowly, and I screamed out his name as he curved them up once they were fully in. He pulled away from my clit and rested his fingers inside me, raising his head to face me. “You need to relax babe.” He placed his hand on my lower stomach, rubbing it in comforting motions. “You’re clenching too tight and I can’t move my fingers enough or I’ll hurt you.”

“Okay.” I breathed out, forcing myself to relax.

He began moving his fingers in and out of me slowly, curving them each time right before pulling out again. The sounds of his oily fingers against my wet slit echoed around the room, and the sound grew louder and louder as he sped up his pace. He was going so fast I had trouble keeping my composure, and I began to feel my core tightening as moan after moan slipped past my lips. I hadn’t felt this good in so long, that the pleasure was almost foreign to me. He continued to move his slick fingers in and out as he leaned back down to wrap his lips against my clit once more. The second he began to suck, I felt the warmth expand over my entire body as the tight feeling I’d had moments ago exploded. I arched my back as wave after wave of pleasure washed through me. Harry continued to move his fingers in and out of me, sucking furiously against my clit and humming in satisfaction. I fought for air as my body shook and shook as I screamed out Harry’s name repeatedly; the euphoric feeling felt like it was going on for hours.

I must have blacked out for a few minutes, as when I opened my eyes Harry was no longer in the same position. He was standing to the side of the bed, looking down at the floor with a smirk spread across his face. I couldn’t find any strength to speak as my body still shook from what had just happened, but Harry must have been able to read the confusion plastered across my face as he turned to me.

“You… Squirted.” He breathed out in disbelief. “It was so hot, I almost fucking came at the sight.” I looked down to see his dick slapped up against his stomach, dripping with pre-cum. He made his way over to me, and I could see my own cum glistening against his abs from my release. He leaned over me, resting his body against mine and leaning on his forearms as he ducked his head down to kiss my forehead gently. “I hope that made up for all the times you had to fake it.” He sighed.

I nodded my head as I looked up into his eyes, “You have no idea.” I breathed out. I reached between us to grab his dick, but he pulled my hand away quickly.

“No. This is all about you.” He pecked me on the lips before slowly inserting himself into me. Usually he pounds into me so fast that I barely have the time to feel anything before I go numb from the intensity. But this time, I felt everything. I whimpered as he stretched me, my walls contracting against him, as they were still sensitive from moments ago.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He groaned out as he inserted himself all the way into me. “I’ll try to be gentle.” He ran his finger along my cheek, brushing a loose strand of hair away. He attached his lips to my neck and began sucking on my sweet spot, making me moan and whimper at his touch. He pulled out of me slowly; licking the bruised mark he’d created on my neck, before inserting himself back into me at the same slow pace. He tucked his head into the crook of my neck, and I knew the slow pace was a new form of pleasure he wasn’t used to. Every feeling was heightened, and even I had trouble containing myself as my core began to tighten again.

I felt his warm breath against my skin as he rocked his hips against my own, his body began to shake from the pleasure, my name slipping from his lips with each achingly slow thrust. Every time he would enter fully, he paused momentarily as he hit my g-spot, pressing himself into me as close as he could get.

My legs began to shake under him as my second orgasm approached. I ran my nails along his back, arching into him as the pleasure took me by surprise. This time it wasn’t as powerful, but I was more conscious and aware of it as it rippled through me. My walls tightened around him as I gasped for air, digging my nails into the curve of his lower back.

“Fuck fuck fuck” he swore against my neck, thrusting into me one final time before arching his back and removing his head from the crevice of my neck. He leaned his forehead against my own and collided our lips together as I felt him shoot his load inside me. His dick pulsed against my sensitive walls as we panted together, breathless as the kiss deepened.

He removed himself slowly, moaning as he watched his cum drip out of me. He dipped his finger, scooping it up and bringing it towards my plump lips. I opened them eagerly, sucking on his finger and moaning in approval. He slid it out and lay flat on his back, pulling me against his warm body. “Don’t you ever fake a fucking orgasm ever again.” He grunted, curving himself around my still shaking body.

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