One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


108. Me Or Her ? Part Two; (Harry Styles)

Harry: Both his girlfriend and I had a shocked reaction on our faces. "Her?" She yelled. Harry simply nodded. "Yes her, now if you don't mind, I'm having a Movies night with my best friend and I'd hate to have it delayed for any longer." He said calmly as he walked towards the door and opened it for his now ex-girlfriend. She had an angry look on her face as she walked out, yelling, "Fine! I didn't need you anyway! I only used you for your money, y'know!" Once she was out, Harry shut the door and looked at me. "Why'd you choose me?" I asked, more than certain he was going to choose her since he seemed so happy with her. "Well," he started, "All the fans have been telling me she was using me for my money. I, of course, didn't listen at first, but when I finally opened my eyes and saw how much she asked to go shopping, I was positive that she was only using me. Which sucks, I actually liked her, too." He frowned, but then his face lit up again. "But then I remembered that there are many of other fish in the sea, and that I have lots of friends and family around me. Including you." He winked. I let out a light laugh. "You're an idiot. Now, shall we continue our Movie night?" I asked, dragging him towards the couch. For the rest of the night, you both joked around while watching the movie, and also, a few weeks later, he asked you to be his girlfriend and you happily said yes, loving him for him, and not for Harry Styles from One Direction.

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