One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


107. Me Or Her ? Part One; (Harry Styles)

Harry: You and your best friend, Harry, were currently having a movies night, since it's been ages since you two have hung out! Okay, maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but Harry's had less time to hang out with you since he got a girlfriend a couple months back. And honestly? You hated her. Too forward? Oh well. Everyone knew she was just using him for fame, everyone but him. You always wanted to tell him about why she's with him, but you never wanted to ruin his happiness. "So, what movie would you like to watch today?" He asked, jumping into the couch to sit next to you. "Hm.. Is it bad I really want to watch Ice Age today?" You replied, flashing him a smile. He lets out a light laugh, "What a loser." He joked. "Only kidding." You claimed. "Let's watch Titanic tho-", before you could finish your sentence, there was a loud knock on his door. He groaned, not wanting anyone to interrupt your movie night. "Be right back, love." He said before heading towards the door. He opened it and a pair of arms wrapped around him. His girlfriend. You rolled your eyes as you take out your phone to distract you from the scene in front of you. "Hi babe, what are you doing here? You know I'm hanging with Y/N tonight." He asked as he hugged her back. "And that's exactly why I'm here." She replied, before sending you an evil glare. You looked up, curious about what she's talking about. Harry looked at her, with his eyebrows slightly furrowed. "What do you mean?" He asks. "Stop being her friend." She demanded. "What? No!" He exclaimed before taking a few steps away from her. "We all know she's just your friend because she wants your money and fame, Harry!" She exclaimed and you let out a gasp. "That is NOT true!" You interrupted, emphasizing the 'not'. "Stay out of this." She pointed. She looks over at Harry, who had a shocked expression on his face, but you don't exactly know what he's shocked about. You, or her. "It's either me or her, Harry." She exclaimed. You picked up your phone and bag, heading towards the door, "Harry, it's fine, I'll ju-" but for the second time that night, before you finished your sentence, Harry replied with, "Her."

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