One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


109. Love Bites c;

*One Of The Boys Sees The Love Bite He Gave You*

Harry: ”So, did you and Harry have a rough night, [Y/N]?” Louis asked as he entered the kitchen. The boys were over for dinner and you were preparing the food while they played video games in the living-room. But how on earth did Louis know about your last night activities. “What are you talking about, Lou?” you questioned confused. He chuckled and took a beer out of the fridge, before walking up to you. He raised his hand and pushed your hair aside, explaining, “I’m talking about this one, two, three, four! hickeys right here on your neck.” Your eyes widened and you quickly pushed him away, placing your hair back on your shoulder. “Dinner is ready, guys!”

Niall: One day, you, the boys and their girlfriends drove to the sea for a beach day. While you, Niall and Liam were still undressing, the others already ran into the water, splashing around. When you pulled your shirt over your head, Liam immediately started laughing and soon Niall joined him. You just gave them a confused look and wondered what they were laughing at. Niall walked up to you and poked your side, “Sorry babe.” You looked down and saw a big purple-blue mark along your waist and your cheeks instantly turned red. “My fault” Niall smirked and shrugged his shoulders before pressing a kiss to your cheek and running in sea direction. Liam’s laughing got louder and he leaned in. “Well, you did good, too” he whispered and pointed at Niall’s back, that was covered in long red scratches.

Liam: You were just chilling with Liam in your hotel room, where you stayed while you visited him on tour, when Harry and Louis decided to come over. As they entered the room Harry laughed, "And I thought you were just jumping on the bed last night!" Well, you were definitely not jumping on the bed the night before, but you were still really confused on what he was talking about and breathed out a "What?", earing just laughs from the boys. "Harry, I think our Lili is growing up" Louis fake cried. Harry nodded his head and added, "Yeah. It was probably the first time he gave a girl a love bite." Your eyes widened and Liam couldn’t hold in a laugh. The other two boys joined him as you quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom, covering the marks over your collarbone.

Louis: You and Louis had an extremly playful relationship, so it was no surprise that you were wrestling on the living-room floor, kissing eachother overall. But the next day when the boys came over for breakfast, you completely forgot that you were head to toe covert in love bites. Until… “Oh [Y/N], I bet you’re getting it good” Zayn said, wiggling his eyebrowns, immediately earning a punch from Louis. You just mumbled a “Shut up” and contiuned your breakfast. But Niall added, “She probably has some more in hidden places!” All of the boys instantly started laughing, even Louis. You just buried your face in his shoulder in embaressment and waited for them to stop.

Zayn: Niall came over and you were sitting in your and Zayn’s living room, just talking, when Zayn excused himself to the bathroom. You and Niall continued the conversation without him. “So, what happened with you and Zayn last night?” Niall asked, throwing some cripsps in his mouth. You almost choked on your drink, wondering what Niall meant, because you and Zayn actually were doing something the night before. But how could he know? “Um, excuse me? I-I don’t know what you mean” you said shocked. “Mhhm, that’s what you say. But that thing on your neck tells a different story” he chuckled. Your eyes went wide as your hands flew to your neck. You could feel the heat on your cheeks from blushing. Right then Zayn walked in and sat back down next to you. He looked at you weirdly and removed your hands. He exactly knew what your were hiding. Niall started laughing hysterically at Zayn’s reaction while you quickly ran to the bathroom to cover up the love bite.

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