One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


32. Late Night Talks

Niall- Usually your late night talks involved food. You would toss and turn until you heard Niall whisper “Are you as hungry as me?" Then you would both walk hand and hand into the kitchen. Once you both got your snacks, you both would talk about everything; your day, who won the football game, best flavors of ice cream. Sometimes it was funny and sometimes you vented about something that was bothering you. You were each others best friends so nothing was off limits. Your talks ended when the sun came up and Niall had to carry you into your bedroom because you were too tired to walk.

Harry-Your talks never really mad and sense. Usually it was to late for the two of you to make a meaningful conversation anyway. He would hold you to his chest so he could feel the vibrations of your words against his neck, and no matter how tired he got he always listened to every pointless ramble until you fell asleep for good.

Louis- Usually your late nights started like a girls sleepover, with junk food and giggle fits. After a while the sugar would kick in causing a major sugar high. You would run around until you were so tired that you fell on the bed tangled in each other. Louis would leave only to get the hard liquor. Then you would cuddle, pass the bottle, and tell stupid secrets and stories about your day. You would be the first to fall asleep and Louis would hold you to his chest so he could fall asleep to your rhythmic breathing.

Liam- Usually Liam tries to pull off something romantic like a bubble bath or a candlelight dinner. After that he would carry you into your bedroom and throw you on the bed, causing you to burst out in giggles. You two would have some fun ;) After you two would lay and talk for hours into the night. Zayn- usually your late nights would start with a fight. You two would yell, and sometimes you would leave for a while, but it always ended with you in tears.He would stop what he was doing and walk over to where you were sitting and scoop you off the ground. He would carry you to the bedroom and lay you down on his chest and stroke your hair. Then he would apologize and pepper kisses all over your face until you were smiling again. After that the two of you would talk into the night until you couldn’t keep your eyes open any longer.

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