One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


38. "I Won't Lie"

Harry: “I won’t lie, I’ve waited a million hours just to say that I will die if you leave me. And you are the way my heart beats and you are the words my tongue speaks.” He wouldn’t allow it. You couldn’t do it. He wasn’t going to let you. You were his absolute everything. You were his best friend, his girlfriend; you were his rock. You were the person that he went to whenever he was feeling sad and you were the first person he told exciting news to. He went through everything with you; you were the only constant thing about his crazy new lifestyle. He wasn’t going to let you go. He absolutely, wholeheartedly, completely refused to. His hands were holding yours, his grip a bit tighter than normal. “Please don’t,” He sputtered. His green eyes clouded with a mixture of sadness and fear. You were sitting in front of him with an unsure look on your face. It was hard, seeing him this visibly upset especially because you knew you were the cause of it but things had gotten too.. complicated. “I will do everything in my power to make you happier,” He promised. His hands were now shaking. “Just please, please don’t leave.” You couldn’t even look him in the eyes at this point; you were a thousand percent positive you would cave if you did. You only shook your head in response, a growing lump of nerves in your throat making it impossible for you to speak. “I can’t live without you. I can’t do anything without you. You’ve been with me from the very beginning you, y-you can’t leave me now. You can’t.” His voice was strained, tears were brimming his eyes but at this point, he didn’t care if they fell. “Please don’t leave,” He begged.

Liam: “If I could take it all back, I could make it all right. You could be the best part of my life. I can tell you all night that I wanna be the man I’m supposed to be.” He made a mistake. He was aggravated, he was exhausted, he was overworked. It wasn’t supposed to come out the way it did but the second you ended the call, he knew he had made a mistake. He wasn’t normally one to lash out on people but it wasn’t a good time; looking back on it he could easily see the argument brewing, but in the moment, he wasn’t in the mood to deal with it. Making this mistake, he already knew there were going to be severe consequences. He had taken advantage of your love and your patience with him, and all he gave you in return was a bitter comment and no attempt in fixing things. He’d dwell over it every day until he came back home, you being the first person he had to see and your relationship being the first thing he needed to care for. As soon as you opened the door, his hands were reaching for yours, a visible layer of sincerity and sadness coating his brown eyes. “I should have fixed this the second you hung up, I should have called you back and apologized for hours and I’m sorry that I didn’t.” He started, his fingers grasping yours. “I know I haven’t been treating you the best and I can’t apologize enough for it, but I can promise you that I’m going to work harder at making this work. If you give me another chance. I can be the man you need me to be, I promise you this. I just need another chance. Please, give me another chance.”

Louis: “I know you’ve heard a thousand words that took your breath away, a million melodies that never got the notes to say what they mean. I promised you everything.” There were many perks to being in a relationship with a musician. Songs could be played to refresh memories, lyrics could be written to say the words that weren’t said in the moment, melodies could be hummed to calm anxious minds. Their songs were the ones he used to sing you to sleep with, the versus to some of them being the only thing that could stop your tears from falling. Music was always what he would turn to when it came to you because it made you happy, it relaxed you. But at the same time, music tore everything from you. It ripped a hole in your chest and pulled it even further apart every time it took him from your side. He did all he could to ease your pain with phone calls and surprising gifts and video calls before he went on stage and as soon as he came off, but there was always that missing piece. As much as he loved being with you and as much as he wanted to physically be there for you, there was only so much he could give. And he knew he would never be able to give you everything he promised, everything a normal relationship promised. It was hard; the decision seemed to stab him in the heart every chance it got, but he knew it was the right thing to do. Eventually, as much as his heart told him no, he let you go. His mind knew you deserved better and he was giving you the chance to find it.

Niall: “Four in the morning and I’m sober, walking through the rain. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, everywhere’s the same. Cold dark room I’ve put myself into.” Already being a big drinker by blood, it wasn’t hard to him to turn to alcohol to cope with your loss. Every night he was perched on some stool in some bar, complaining to some person about you. About the break-up. About the heartache. And every night after the bartender would cut him off, he’d grab his last beer and stumble out of the bar. He’d walk the empty streets slowly, now muttering the complaints to himself. And there was always a specific point in this walk, a little more than halfway through the trip, where he would lose it. He’d throw the unfinished bottle to the ground, the glass shredding against the cement, and fall. He would stay on his hands and knees, his body shaking from the sobs. Whether it was 20 degrees below freezing, pouring rain, or dripping with humidity, his routine stayed the same. After a couple of nights, Liam had gotten used to the drunken phone calls and would pick him up from that same spot and he’d assist him into the passenger seat before driving him back home. Normally he’d have to wrestle Niall into the apartment, forcing himself to remain calm as watched one of his best friends fall apart, wailing about how he couldn’t live without you and how much energy it took out of him to simply get out of bed every morning. But this night, when Liam picked him up, he was oddly calm and even still when they had reached the apartment. Easing into the bedroom, Liam patted Niall’s back. “You alright, mate?” He asked, eying the blonde with more concern than usual. “She’s really not coming back,” He simply mumbled before falling onto his bed.

Zayn: “You were a window to a world that I could never know and asked for every piece of me, and so I let you go way too soon.” You were different. No, you were more than different, you were absolutely mesmerizing. He was so fascinated by you. Of all the thousands of people he met over the course of the past few years, every country he’s ever been to, every city he’s walked around, every arena he’s performed in, there hasn’t been a single person like you. He was so drawn to you the first time he met you, there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that he needed to make you his. And when he finally did, you only opened new doors for him. With you, he did things he would never normally think of doing. With your relationship there came new experiences, new fascinations, new favorites, even new fears. He had the time of his life whenever he was with you. Every day was like the first day all over again. But soon, the intriguing things you brought into his life began scaring him. He almost felt too adventurous. And soon he was turning his back to you, falling back to his normal routine of sleeping or hanging out with the boys whenever he wasn’t touring. You were alright with it at first, understanding that it was probably too much too soon. But not too long after, he had let you go as a whole. Not being used to the bravery, he was scared of the feeling of security and passion you gave him. And as much as it pained you, you watched him walk away without another word spoken

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