One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


83. "I Miss You."


"Hey babe. I was just wanting to see how you were. Give you a call," Liam smiled. "I’m great. Y’know, just missing my boyfriend. He’s really an ass for not calling," I said sarcastically. "I know. I’m sorry. It’s just been so busy and-" "I know Liam. I just….I miss you is all," I sighed. As my apartment came closer into view, a guy was standing next to my car. "Babe I’ll call you back." I shouted as tried to get a good view. "Hey! That’s my car Sir." He turned around, and I felt like an idiot. It was Liam. Right there before me. "I missed you too," He beamed as I ran towards him full speed. He caught me instantly, and we stood there for a minute, trying not to ruin the moment.


The club my friends dragged me too was extremely packed. I didn’t want to be here, especially not with drunk grabby men and idiotic girls. I rolled my eyes and sat in my place, watching everything happen around me. Then, I saw his face. That once face that had been haunting me for weeks. I tried to look away but it was too late. He was already sauntering over to me, and I fought the urge to run. “Hey,” He spoke. “Hi.” “What are you doing here? I thought you were going to your brother’s this month.” “Yeah. The baby got sick, so Ryan said not to make it.” The silence fell between us, and I didn’t know what to say. “Why haven’t you called me back?” I looked up from my shaking hands to see him clearly. I could tell he had a couple of pints. I stood up, finding the courage and my voice. “And say what Zayn? I miss you,” I cried. “Yes. Exactly what I want you to say. ‘Cause I miss you too.” I wanted to give up and fall into his arms. But I couldn’t do that. I didn’t start this. I wasn’t the one that wanted to end things. “You have no right. You’re the one that lost me. Don’t say that to me Zayn! It isn’t fair.” My tears fell down fast as I grabbed my purse and bolted for the exit, trying hard not to look back at him.


"I miss you," Harry sighed. It broke me when Harry called like this in the middle of the night. Little did he know. "I know babe. But don’t worry about it. You’ll get over it in a couple minutes. "What are you talking about?" I knocked on the door, and I heard Harry’s voice through the phone and the door. "Babe I’ll call you back. Who is it?" When I didn’t reply, he opened the door suddenly, and my smile appeared. "I told you you’d get over it." He grabbed me into a soft hug, and kissed me everywhere on the face. "When? How? Wh-" "Last night I booked a flight. I knew you missed me before you called, so I thought ‘Why not fly out for the weekend’," I grinned.


I tried not to cry as I heard Niall’s voice-mail, which was understandable. I knew he didn’t want me calling. After all these months, I still missed him. It was unavoidable. I couldn’t do it. “Hey Niall, it’s me. I was just making breakfast, and I…I burnt the toast,” I laughed, and felt tears in my already glossy eyes. “You always laughed when I burnt the toast, remember? And you loved your eggs scrambled. And I made them and I realized, I miss you. I should never have fought with you about that stupid tabloid. When I saw the hurt in your eyes when you thought I believed it, I…I was so wrong. I just…I need you to call me back. Please,” I cried. I ended the call, and slid down the fridge, trying to figure out where I would go from here. I got a knock on the door, and I shuffled across the floor to answer it. I didn’t expect it, but Niall’s blond hair and aligned smile were right in front of me. “I love it when you cry. Means I can kiss the tears away,” He spoke as he collided with me. I didn’t understand why he was here, or how he got here, but I didn’t care. He was with me.


The rain and lightning screamed outside, and I wished Louis was by my side. He was always there to watch movies on rainy days, and we would drink my special hot chocolate from our mugs and laugh. But he was on the other side of the world. He couldn’t be here now. My screen lit up with his face, and I smiled. “Are you psychic or something,” I laughed. “No. I just miss you.” I could tell he was grinning. I could read him off the back of my hand. “I miss you. More than you know Louis,” I choked. “Baby don’t cry. We’ll be together soon. I promise,” He consoled me as tears fell on my skin and the duvet. “I know. I just wish you were here.” “Me too (Y/N). You don’t know how much I wish you were here.” Until the storm ended, me and Louis stayed on the phone. It made me miss him more, but I knew I would be with him soon.

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