One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


69. How They Treat You When You're Tipsy/Drunk

Harry: He carries you upstairs and smiles every single time you laugh at something stupid. Once you get home he helps you into the shower and also helps you get dressed in his clothes, letting himself just hang around in his boxers. After attempting to get to the bed but doing nothing but stumble, he finally scooped you up and placed you there softly, laying next to you. The next morning there's pills with a bottle of iced tea next to you on the bedside table and he's making breakfast for you. Liam: He keeps you close to him to make sure you don't get lost or into trouble, and carries you to the car playing your favorite songs the whole ride home. Once you get there he helps you change your clothes and puts you into your bed and he goes to the living room to sleep on the couch. The next morning he has an ice pack for your head and sunglasses ready. He also has a collection of movies prepared. Louis: He's dancing slowly with you to calm you down but still making jokes quietly. He finally picks you up once you're too drunk to walk straight and takes you to the closest hotel, ordering room service and going to the store to get you a fresh pair of clothes. He also holds your hair while you're vomiting. The next morning you're asleep in his arms and he makes sure not to make any quick movements or loud noises. Niall: He keeps an eye on you the whole night and saves you from doing anything embarrassing. After you attempt to dance on a table with your skirt up he finally decides it's time to take you home, and calls a taxi, since he's a little drunk, too. Once you get home he carries you up the stairs and lays you in your bed, tying your hair up and putting as many pillows around you as possible. The next morning, he has McDonalds ready for you, since he once heard greasy foods helps with a hangover. Zayn: He's too busy dancing with you to realize you're drunk until you throw up all over his favorite shoes. Without thinking, he takes them off and throws them away, taking you to the car and driving you home. After slurring as many apologies as you possibly could he finally just smoothed your hair and kissed your temple, telling you it was okay, and put you into bed, pulling you close to him. The next morning he made sure all the blinds were closed and the room was as quiet as possible.
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