One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


22. Homecoming (Harry)

*Warning Smut*

After three agonizing months, Harry was finally back.

You both were seated in the backseat of a heavily tinted car, with Lou driving back to your apartment from the airport. Harry’s arm was slung across your shoulders, the pad of his thumb drawing random patterns on your exposed skin. You were tucked against his body, your bare thighs pressed tightly against his jean-clad ones.  You swallowed thickly, feeling the sexual charge in the air.

You glanced at Lou, her lips taut and her hands drumming against the steering wheel, and mentally groaned; she noticed it too.

You then looked up at Harry, who at the same time, decided to look at you. A sly smile was plastered across his face. He bent down to brush his lips against your ear, whispering, “I’m going to fuck you so hard, [Y/N].”

You bit your lip, and gently pushed him away, all the while looking at Lou to see if she noticed Harry’s antics. Good, she hasn’t. You let out a shaky breath and ran a hand through your hair, making Harry let out a low chuckle.

Finally, Lou slowed to a stop in front of your building. Harry got out first, going straight to the trunk to grab his bags. And as you were climbing out of the car, Lou cleared her throat.

“[Y/N]. Try not to make it too hard on me to cover up the love bites, yeah?”

“I-uh-well…” you sputtered, feeling heat rush to your cheeks. “Okay,” you finished lamely, not meeting her eyes. You close the door and grab Harry’s outstretched hand, briefly hearing Lou’s giggles.

The two of you slowly make the trek to your apartment, and with unsteady hands, you try to unlock your door. He watched, amused, as you struggled. Having enough, he pressed himself against your back, and took your small hands into his. You both unlocked the door, and stepped inside.

You barely had time to drop your purse before you were slammed against the door, Harry’s lips immediately searching for yours. He pushed himself against you, his erection pressed hard against your hips.

Your wrapped your arms around his neck and stood on your toes, urging him closer. You bit his lower lip and tugged, earning you a low groan.

He ran a hand up from your thigh to the apex of your thighs and nearly doubled over in surprise. “You’re killing me woman,” he breathed, realizing that you weren’t wearing panties. “You’re so naughty. You weren’t wearing panties the whole time?” he said, cupping you.

You silently shook your head, your grip on his neck tightening as your knees became weak.

“I want to taste you,” he murmured, releasing you to lead you to the bedroom. “It’s been so fucking long.”

You both stood in the foot of the bed, and he stripped you of your clothes, randomly nibbling on parts of your skin. You did the same, slowly unbuttoning his plaid shirt and peeling off his ridiculously tight jeans. You palmed him through his boxers and gave him a soft kiss before he stopped you and gently pushed you on the bed.

He pulled your thighs apart, his nostrils flaring. He looked like a starved man, his eyes dark with desire, and his breath coming out in shallow pants. His thumbs pulled your pussy lips apart, and you trembled, feeling your juices dribble out in excitement.

“Fucking shit,” he cursed, watching as it leaked on the sheets. He gave you a shallow lick, making you whimper and clutch his curly locks. As much as you wanted him to lick harder, you let him control the pace. He continued his teasing licks, tracing your lips with his tongue and sucking your folds into his mouth.

However, your clit was throbbing, begging to be touched. And as if he read your mind, he blew against your clit, making your arch your back and release a new flood of your juices. “Please,” you moaned, gripping his hair and tugging him towards you.

He chuckled, but decided to stop the teasing. He sucked your clit and swirled his tongue around it, making your eyes close in pleasure. He moved his lips in a way that made your head thrash from side to side, your breath coming out in loud pants. He then moved down to dip his tongue inside of you, and you couldn’t help but think: thank fucking God that Harry was home.

Two fingers replaced his hands, and his glorious lips were back on your clit, sucking greedily. Your thighs were quivering, and your back was almost lifting off the bed, both sure signs of your impending climax.

No!” you wailed, feeling him suddenly remove his fingers and lips.

However, your protests soon died on your lips as you watched him take off his boxers. His cock sprung up, ready to play. He climbed back in between your legs and gave you a hard kiss before taking his cock into his hand.

“Look how pink you are baby. Your pussy is begging to get fucked.” He crooned, running the tip of his cock up and down your slit.Your breath hitched when the spongy head of his cock brushed against your sensitive clit.

He positioned himself, the tip of his cock brushing your entrance. He flexed his thighs, slowly inching himself in your heat. He watched you, his gaze intense.

You felt a tad bit uncomfortable, not having anything enter you for three months. Your stomach clenched, and half way in, you touched his stomach, already feeling full. “Harry,” you gasped, your nails scratching his abdomen.

“Shh, just relax,” he hissed, thoroughly enjoying the way your pussy felt. He moved his hand from your hips to where you were joined, his thumb circling your clit as he continued on with his shallow thrusts.

With one final push, he sank into you. You both groaned, because damn it, it has been far too long.

He paused briefly, allowing you adjust, moving his hands to grip your hips. “Brace yourself, [Y/N],” he warned as he withdrew from you, the tip of his cock barely brushing your entrance. He slammed back in and you screamed, your body moving up the bed from the force of the thrust. “I said to brace yourself,” he said, pulling out of you, “or I won’t do it again.”

You reached up and placed one of your hands against your headboard while the other gripped the sides of the bed, and wiggled your hips. “Again. Please.” You sobbed, wanting to feel every inch of him enter you.

He re-positioned himself and with a hard thrust, filled you. He continued on thrusting, reaching deep within you. Your legs wrap around his middle, and before you knew it, you were begging him to go faster, harder.

You let go of the headboard and clutched at his neck, pulling him forward for a kiss. Your tongues met, battling each other. After a particularly toe-curling thrust, you pulled back, instead choosing to suck on his neck. You nibbled on his skin, focusing on meeting him thrust for thrust. This spurred him on; shifting his hips to hit a familiar spot that he knew would push you over the edge.

After a few more thrusts, you fell back on the bed. You gripped the sheets, your body ready to welcome the long awaited orgasm you needed. You stare up at Harry, with his face flushed and his lip caught between his teeth.

That was your undoing.

“ Harry!” you moan, your eyes closing as your pussy began to convulse around his cock.

He let out a guttural groan and pushed his cock as far as it could go. He came, emptying himself in your pussy, his body going rigid above you. He slumped forward, leaning his forehead against yours. “Love you,” he murmured, slipping out of you.

You smiled, and adjusted so that you lay facing each other. You pushed back his unruly hair and kissed his forehead, his nose, and then his lips. “I love you too, Harry. Welcome home,” you whisper.

You watched as his eyelids slowly closed, exhaustion from his three month tour, the long flight, and your recent activities finally settling in. You pulled the rumpled blanket over your bodies and snuggled close to Harry, your nose brushing against his neck…

Which was covered with purple bruises, all ranging from different shapes and sizes.

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