One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


64. His Day Off

Harry: “I just want to lay here in bed all day, and do nothing at all,” you sighed, as you snuggled close to Harry. Harry looked over at you with a smirk on his face, “I don’t want to leave this bed either, but I don’t just want to lay here.” You blushed, as Harry’s hands went to your face, and he pulled you towards him. As soon as your faces connected, he began to kiss you passionately.

Louis: “Let’s go do something!” Louis exclaimed excited, “Like go the movies or something.” You shook your head sadly, while glancing to your TV, “I’d rather watch a movie here. I just want you to myself today.” You felt a little selfish saying that, but luckily Louis understood perfectly what you meant. “That’s fine, we can watch a movie here then. I’ll make popcorn, and it’ll be the same thing.” You smiled, glad he understood, “That sounds perfect. I’ve missed you so badly, and I just don’t want to share you today.”

Niall: The two of you laid in each others arms, talking about all that happened while you were apart. ”I wanted you there so badly,” you sighed, after mentioning your birthday party. “It was a fun night, but not the same without you.” “We’ll have another one then!” Niall said, while standing up off your bed, with an excited look in his eyes. “We’ll have it tonight.” You laughed it off as a joke. “Niall, no. That was 2 months ago.” “So. Call everyone, and tell them you’re going to have another party.” “I don’t…” “It’ll be fun, and I’ll feel better about missing the real one.” You sat up in bed, “You’re serious?” “Of course, so go call your friends.” In the end that night was much better than your first party. So much better.

Zayn: The two of you were spending his one day off with friends, away on a private beach. “This is amazing Zayn,” you sighed, while leaning back against his chest. The sun was setting, and watching it in Zayn’s arms really was the perfect way to end this day. “A day on this perfect beach with you, what more could I want.” “I know I don’t want anything more. Right now, there is nowhere in the world I’d rather be.” His arms around you seemed to tighten as he said that, “I love you [Y/N].” “I love you too.”

Liam: “How do they keep you busy for so long,” you asked, while a commercial flashed on the TV instead of the movie you and Liam had been watching. “This is the first time you’ve been home in almost half a year.” Liam shook his head sadly, and answered with a shrug. “Liam, you deserve to be able to come home more.” “I know, but we are just so busy. Look, it’ll slow down sooner or later. Just be happy I’m here now.” You shifted uncomfortably on the couch, “I am happy, trust me. I just wish you were here more. I’ll take what I can get though. At least we have today to watch corny movies and laugh until we can’t breathe.”

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