One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


63. He's Angry

Zayn: His palm connected with the kitchen counter, a dull slap echoing through the confined space. You jumped, eyes observing as the veins in his skin became more prominent, as his jawline curved into a cutting line, as his brown eyes swirled darkly. His shoulders heaved with each breath he sucked in, grip progressively tightening on the slick counter edge. “Zayn-” He cut you off roughly, “Don’t.” You bit into your bottom lip, taking a hesitant step toward him. “Babe..” His gaze swiftly landed on you, eyes softening ever so slightly as he let another heavy sigh sag his shoulders down. “Please, just give me a minute.”

Liam: His hand had caught your wrist before you could retreat, his strength overpowering yours as you were tugged roughly back. He swiftly spun you around so your back was pressed into the front door, his hand still gripping tightly to your wrist. “What the hell was that?” He seethed. His other hand captured your free arm, pinning it above your head. “Get off me, Liam,” You ordered sharply, trying to wiggle away but he simply pressed you harder into the wood. “You think you can get away with something like that?” He whispered darkly in your ear, his teeth seizing your earlobe. “Think again.”

Niall: His hand trembled in the slightest as he removed the phone from his ear. A gentle touch was swiped across the sensitive screen, only before it was slammed face down onto the coffee table in front of you. You jumped, startled as you peered up at him. His eyes were icy as he stared at the wall behind you, his fists clenched to the point where the skin hugged the bone. “Ni?” You murmured gently. When he didn’t respond, you reached forward to grab one of his balled up fists. You pried his fingers apart, threading yours in the new spaces. “Calm down babe,” You encouraged softly, running your lips to the back of his hand.

Harry: "Harry, harry, harry," You chanted his name over and over, your hand tugging desperately back on his. The man standing a few feet away from your livid boyfriend was now cowering back now under his intense gaze. "Harry, leave it," You pleaded, running your thumb over the sensitive skin of his hand. His jaw clamped together as he reluctantly turned. When you thought he was going to calm down, he instead tugged you roughly into him by your forearms, lips feverishly pressing against yours. He softly bit into your bottom lip, tugging onto it. "Mine.” 

Louis: You made a run for the bedroom door, but he was quicker than you. His palm flattened against the wood, slamming it to a close, leaving you trapped between your only escape route and your seething boyfriend. His normally gentle blue irises pinned you to the spot, his arms now trapping you on either side. His mouth parted as his tongue ran roughly on the interior of his teeth; an attempt to calm himself. You shivered as his head dipped, warm breath fanning over your neck. “Thought you were going to make a run for it, yeah?”

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