One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


88. He Wants To Suck Your Breasts Before You Sleep/InTthe Middle of The Night

Zayn: A finger softly drew circles around your arm, your skin getting goosebumps so quickly. “Z-zayn?” your eyes shifted toward the clock, which read 2:54…in the morning. “What are you doing?” “Nothing,” Zayn’s shoulders lifted up as he shrugged. “I’m just, er, bored.” “Bored?" you raise an eyebrow at him. "Tried sleeping?" The corners of his lips slowly lifted up as he smiled, "Sarcastic, aren’t you?" "I’m tired," you reminded. "What do you wanna do now?" He hummed, as he suggested, "Can I suck your boobs? Please?" "Wh-what?” you stuttered. “Am I still dreaming?” “No, no,” he laughed. “It just makes me fall asleep, you know.” “Sucking boobs make you fall asleep?” He sheepily grinned, reaching for the hem of your tank top. Lifting the soft material over your head, he bit his lower lip in awe at the sight of them. Lips sweetly attacked your nipple, his other hand playfully toying with your other breast. “Oh God, Zayn…,” you moaned. He departed from your needing breast, planting a kiss on your lips. “We’ll fuck later,” Zayn winked. “Now go to sleep, [Y/N]. And leave your shirt off, alright, baby?”

Louis: Lou,” you warned, his body shuffling back and forth on the bed. “Oops,” Louis groaned, “I’m sorry.” “It’s…alright,” you yawned. “Bad dream?” “Can’t sleep,” Louis sighed, ruffling his already messy hair. “Me too,” you agreed, inching closer to your boyfriend. “I know something we can do,” Louis encouraged, a smile cracked on his lips. “Let me guess,” you laughed, “something sexual?” “You know me too well, baby.” You remove your top, chucking it away. “Aw,” he teased. “I wanted to be the one to take your shirt off.” “Maybe next time,” you shrug. His teeth playfully bite your neck, a red mark made into your skin. “Looks pretty sexy on you,” Louis smirked. “I’ll make more later, promise.” With the thumbs of his hands, he touched your nubs, a raised eyebrow made at you. “Man, someone’s wants me an awful lot.” Lips harshly sucked your swollen nipples, as you groan, fisting his brown hair with your hands. “I love it when you’re rough,” Louis purred. “It gets me all excited.” Your eyes shifted toward his straining bulge, as you roll your eyes. “Already Louis?” you joke. “Man, you must really want me, huh?”

Niall: "[Y/N]," he groaned — which of course, woke you up. But it was odd, well, could it be the fact that your boyfriend is asleep? “Fuck, yeah. Right there, please,” he muttered. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” you giggled, knowing of his problem. Should you wake him up? you thought. I mean, would you want to change the sheets after his orgasm? “Niall,” you shook his arm, as slowly wakes up. “Uh,” he blinks a couple of times, clearly not happy that you woke him up from his wonderful dream. “What are you doing?” he frowns. “I was having an incredible dream.” You pouted, kinda regreting waking him up. “I don’t think I can fall back to sleep,” Niall sighed. “Well…not unless.” “Wh—” His hands grip the bottom of your pyjama shirt, pulling it over your head, your perky breasts in sight. “Man,” he licks his lips, “what a great morning this is.” Teeth seducingly, but softly, peck your hardened nipples, his hands wander around your body ending — you guessed it — your heat. Rubbing you through the cotton fabric of your pants, he smirks ever-so sexy, his fingers slowly travels into your panties, wanting more…

Liam: "Good night," you whisper, fluttering shut your eyes — not until his arm surprisingly wraps your waist and pulls you closer to him. "Uh, Liam?" you awkwardly shift, your back touching his front. "Are you okay?" "Huh?" Liam questions. "Oh, oh. Yeah. I…am.” “You can tell me, Liam,” you encourage, and even in the dark, you could just tell he was thinking. A warm hand snuggled into your shirt, your eyes widening, “I’m not actually in the mood right now, sorry.” “Um…,” he paused, his arm inching higher, towards your breasts. “I was just thinking if we could just try something different.” Pushing the shirt up, he pressed kisses from your hips and up. “Li—” “Just go with it, babe.” Reaching your breasts, he quickly kissed your hardened nipple, his lips suck — quite harshly. “Oh,” you moan, your fingers fisting his hair. “Keep going, Li.” He departed away, as you give him confused looks. A squeak fell off your lips while his hands fondled your breasts. Pinching and squeezing, massaging and kneading…God. “If you want me,” he smirks. “I’m all yours.” “I want you,” you huff. “Give me all the Payne you got.”

Harry: Awaken by the loud snoring of Harry, you find him with your waist still trapped by his naked arms. “You should sleep shirtless everyday,” you smirk, cuddling closer to him, as you accidentally push against the bulge in his boxers. “No way,” you quietly giggle at the tent hidden away. “Be quiet,” he pleaded, his eyes still shut away from yours. “Good early morning,” you purr, “Oh, and make me.” His body quickly — without any warning — shifts you onto your back, his body hovering over yours. “I plan to,” he huffs, as his hand pushes up your shirt. He dips down onto your soft skin, planting sloppy kisses over your breasts. “I’ll make you scream,” Harry teases, still continuing, “And shout. Don’t forget make you wet.” His body dips down as well, his boner rubbing with your pyjama bottoms. “I can feel you soaking wet for me,” he acknowledges. His pink lips suck around the swollen nub of your breast, his touch making you so weak. “Do you want me that badly?” “Yes,” you whimper. “Now? Tomorrow? In an hour?” “Now, please, Harry.” “Now?” he smirks. “Sure thing, baby.”

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