One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


100. He Talks About Your Sex Life Infront Of You

Zayn- You, your boyfriend Zayn, and all the boys were having movie night and decided to have a little movie break and just talk. “So Zayn how good is (Y/N) in bed” Niall asked winking at him. Zayn looked at you and smirked while answering, “she’s sooooooo good, she does this thing with her hand while grinding in—-” he said getting cut off by you kissing him and whispering “if up you finish that sentence there will be no hands anywhere for a month” you said seriously.

Louis- The boy’s were talking about they’re bedroom life, except Liam cause he’s respectable, and you already told Louis he can tell them you do ‘it’ a lot but nothing else, so it comes to a surprise to you when he starts to tell them where you’ve done it and some other stuff. “She’s her best on the kitchen floor, because she grabs a whole bunch-” “of clothing to put back on, because we’re not doing ‘that’ ever again” you cut him off. “Ooohhh your in trouble” all the boys laugh at him, while you run upstairs and he’s begging for you to forgive him.

Liam- You guys were playing truth or dare and Louis decided to ask Liam this particular truth question that made u glare so hard at him. “What’s the best thing (Y/N) has done to you” Louis asked. Liam turned to you as if saying can I, you nodded as if to say yeah. “Umm, she’s done its thing with drinking coke while sucking on my ‘buddy’” he said shyly. “Damn Liam can I have (Y/N) for a night.” Harry asked. “Hell no” he said.

Harry- Harry was on the phone with the boys and you heard Zayn ask Harry how I got down in the bed. “She just got done giving me a little preview of what’s gonna happen, and let’s just say I’m still trying to catch my breath while talking to you guys.” Was his answer. “What did she do” Niall asked him, “don’t even answer that question if you even want tonight to happen” you told him with a serious face and tone. “Um, guys I have to go I’m going to cuddle with (Y/N) for awhile. I’ll call you later” he said quickly before you started up again.

Niall- Let’s be honest you catch Niall telling the boys small thing that happen in you sex life, but today he was going all out. “Why do you guys have to be so loud” Liam asked when you two walked in to the kitchen the morning after you had a little midnight fun together. “Sorry guys (Y/N) was doing this amazing thing—” he said turning to you and noticing your mad expression before saying “called getting dressed” he turned back to you to see you had a smile on your face, so he decided to smile and kiss you nose, whispering “I love you” to you.

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