One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


73. He Takes You To School

Harry (age 4): “Alright Y/N, it’s time to wake up! It’s your first day of preschool!” “But Hazza,” you said in a tired morning voice “I want to stay here, with you!” “Oh but Y/N there’s going to be lots of new girls and boys for you to meet, and we can even have some over for a playdate!” This interested you. You loved to play. You immediately shot out of bed much to Harry’s approval and amusement. You quickly got dressed, but Harry had to re-button your shirt as you had buttoned all the buttons at least one hold above where they were supposed to. After you picked up your princess backpack with all your school supplies that included crayons, (pink) pencils, and a box of tissues for the classroom, you headed out to the car, when you arrived to school Harry started to get out with you which you replied by promptly telling him “You were a big girl now” he watched you closely from the window, snapping a picture of you waking in and eventually uploading it to Instagram with the caption “She wouldn’t even let me go in with her! #biggirlstagram”

Liam (Age 17): “I just cannot believe that my little Y/N is going to her first day of senior year today!” Liam exclaimed leaning against the door frame watching you curl your hair. You smiled in response “Guess I’m growing up, huh? Maybe enough to drive by myself to school this time?” Liam had always taken you to school the first day in the past, and he wasn’t about break the tradition. “Now, Y/N you know the answer to that,” he then glanced at his watch “hurry up! You’re going to be late!” You sprayed hairspray in your hair quickly and grabbed a granola bar to eat on the way there. “You alright walking in by yourself?” Liam teased. You just gave a light chuckle and a playful punch to the shoulder in response. You got out of the car, waving goodbye to Liam, when you looked back and seen him almost crying when you have him a reassuring smile, and blew him a kiss.

Louis (10) It’s time to get up! It’s time to get up! Get up ya sleepy-head!” Louis sang, jumping on your bed. “Louis stop, five more minutes.” you mumbled. “No! Your first day of fifth grade is very important! You can’t be late!” he then proceeded to drag you out of bed. Literally. You dressed in leggings and a comfy sweatshirt Louis brought you back from Australia that had a cute Koala Bear on it. As soon as you went down for breakfast, Louis immediately sent you back upstairs to change into the clothes he bought you for school. You changed into a floral tunic and left your leggings on, not really caring what you looked like. You both hopped into the car and sped off to the school. Once you got there, you muttered a goodbye to Louis, grabbed your book bag and left the car. Mistake. As you walked over to your friends, Louis then proceeded to roll down the window and scream “I LOVE YOU Y/N!!!!” as loud as humanly possible, followed by him blowing a kiss to you. Your friends started cracking up as you staked over to the car, but he sped away before you go to it, laughing the whole time.

Niall (14): Since Niall was home from tour, he decided to relieve your parents from taking you to school each morning. You got up and got ready while he cooked breakfast. After you grabbed all your stuff and headed to the car, you pulled into the parking lot. You prayed your whole was there that your boyfriend (that Niall didn’t know about) didn’t do what he usually did each morning. You were still praying when you got out of the car and headed to the school. And then, there he was. Wrapping his arms around you and smiling, except this time he kissed you on the cheek. Any other day you would have been flattered and flirted right back. You turned slowly around to see a fuming Niall in his car. The only thing you could do was hurry inside the building before he got out of his car. As soon as you entered the building, you received a text from Niall. Nervous, you opened it. “I think we need to have a little chat when you get home.” Great.

Zayn (13): Zayn had a week off, and decided to spend it at home with his family. He decided that Wednesday morning, he would take you to school so you could spend some quality time together. What Zayn didn’t know about is the group of girls that made it their job to give you a good dose of bullying before class each morning. This usually took place near the entrance to the school, but around the corner so none of the teachers could see. Zayn dropped you off at the school and seen the group of about four girls waiting on you. “Are those your friends?” “Yeah… kind of” Zayn was usually really good at reading you, but you hoped it was too early for him to tell. Nope. “Y/N, do those kids bully you?” you only nodded your head yes, trying to keep the tears from falling down your cheeks. “Before either one of you could say anything else, Zayn jumped out of the car and walked toward the group of girls. You could see him using large gestures and see the angry expression on his face, and the scared look on the girls’. Just then he walked back to the car and through gritted teeth said something about “Looks like we’ll be finding a new school. You’re also coming with me on tour when I go back, if you can’t talk about this to mom and dad, then what else will you hide?” he said as he pulled away from the school.

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