One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


37. He picks your child up at school


Niall: Lacey hops up into the car, along with her two other friends, Zac grumbling to himself as he gets into the passenger seat, obviously not happy about being outnumbered by girls. “Hey, guys,” Niall greets, sending them a smile before he starts the car, pulling away from the curb. “Hey, aren’t you Niall from One Direction?” One of the girls pipes up, and Zac groans as Niall sends her a grin, “The one and only.” “Oh my god, wow, my Mum loves you guys, she says she wanted to date you when she was eighteen.” Niall laughs, “Well, tell her I said thanks, but I’m happily married, so I might pass on that one.”

Harry: Bella looks sheepish as she climbs into the backseat, Harry not actually noticing the guy with her until he’s a few streets away, preoccupied by asking her about the day. When he does catch sight of the guy, he immediately slows to a stop, pulling over to the side of the road. “Why is there a boy in my car that I do not know, Isabella Styles?” “Dad, look, I’m fifteen, it’s okay.” “No, it is very well not okay. How did I not know about this? Does your mother know?” “Well, yeah, I just…” “You just what?” “I knew you’d react like this.” Harry opens his mouth to reply, and then shuts it just as quickly, huffing to himself before starting the car again, the boy looking like he wants the earth to swallow him up, “You, me and your Mum are gonna have a long time when we get home.”

Liam: Liam is half an hour late, and Annabelle and Max are sitting on the wall, bags at their feet as he skids to a stop, practically falling out of the car as he rushes over. “I am so, so sorry. I just completely forgot - ” “Completely forgot your own children?” Max snaps, before getting up, walking over to the car without another word. Annabelle is slightly more forgiving, sending him a sad smile, “It’s okay, Dad. Mum does it sometimes to, well,” her face falls, and she lets out a shaky break, voice quietening, “She used to.” “Belle, I’m so, so sorry. This just sucks for all of us.” She shrugs, and the two of them begin to make their way back to the car. “It’s okay, she’d want us all to stick together.” Liam stops to hug her, pressing her tight against his chest, “You’re right, darling, of course you’re right.” And if he sheds a few tears into her hair, she doesn’t need to know that.

Louis: Louis opens his arms for Sam to run into, quickly joined by Anna, and he squeezes them tight, dropping kisses on their heads and replying to their various shrieks of ‘hi, Dad!’.  When the three of them finally untangle themselves he takes both bags, slinging them over his shoulders as they begin the walk home. “So, how was your day?” He can’t really understand them over the excited chattering as they try to tell their stories first, but the beaming smile on his face is enough to let anyone know that he loves being a Dad.

Zayn: Charlie waves as he sprints across the school yard, Thomas the Tank Engine rucksack bouncing on his back before he collide with Zayn, who immediately picks him up, swinging him in a circle, Charlie’s delighted laughter filling the air as other parents and children talk around the two. “Hey, buddy, how was your day!” Zayn exclaims as he sets him back down on the ground, the two of them walking towards the car hand in hand as Charlie begins to tell his Dad every detail.

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