One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


116. He Loves Your Twin More Part Two;

Zayn: You drove (YSN) home with you, heading for your house. She gripped her phone tightly, shifting nervously in her seat. As the both of you got out, she walked away, already dialing Zayn’s number. You poked your head around the corner, dying to hear the conversation. ‘Hey Zayn.’ She started twirling her hair, grin spread across her face. She laughed, pacing the room, carrying on the conversation, you always dreamt of having with him. You were always too shy to make a move, the opposite of your twin. Nerves got the best of you when it came to opening up about your feelings over him. You left your position, walking over to the adjacent room, flopping down on the sofa. Soon after (YSN) walked in, joining you on the sofa. “Thanks for letting me have this one…” She said quietly. You looked up, smile matching hers. “You know you didn’t have to ask but I’m kind of glad you did… Now tell me everything.” 

Niall: “(YN), wait!” You heard her call out your name several times before you finally turned around. “Why didn’t you tell me about any of this? I would have been perfectly fine but you decided it was better to sneak around my back instead!” You nearly shouted, glancing around for any sight of Niall. “I’m sorry, your completely right! I should have told you in the first place instead of being a fucking jerk! I feel horrible you found out this way…” You scoffed, running back to join your friends when you caught sight of Niall walking towards the two of you. You couldn’t bear to deal with it any longer. Poor Niall was oblivious to the whole situation as you angrily stomped off.

Louis: You sat in class, thoughts racing through your mind from earlier. “(YN)? (YN), do you know the answer or not?” Your teacher spat. You looked up quickly, scanning the board for any question. Too bad the board was empty. “Um, I don’t know…” He sighed loudly, starting one of his long lectures. Again. You felt a buzz in your pocket leading to you sliding it out to read the new text from your sister. ‘Oh. My. God. Louis Fucking Tomlinson just asked me out!’ You felt your heart sink in your chest, sliding your phone back into your pocket. You couldn’t blame her, I mean who would turn him down? She never knew about your slight crush towards him either. Instead of reacting you took your phone out texting your bestfriend, ‘Come to mine tonight. And bring ice cream.’

Liam: It had been hours since Liam had confessed to you about your sister and now you were fidgeting in your seat impatiently. “God (YN), what has gotten your panties in a twist?” She laughed. You couldn’t stop the words as they poured from your mouth, “Liam is going to ask you out tomorrow.” You threw your hand to your mouth, trying to prevent any more word vomit from your huge mouth. Her jaw dropped, unable to speak. “Oh no…” That was the last thing you expected her to say as you looked up to her with a confused expression. “Brian from English class asked me out this morning and I said yes…” “That’s great! Oh… Liam’s going to be crushed.” You said as it clicked into your mind. You knew that you were going to be the person who was going to pick up the pieces when it was all over. You ran to your phone, immediately calling Liam before he embarrassed himself. ‘Hello?’ ‘It’s me’ You said sadly, knowing that this wasn’t going to be easy. ‘(YN)! What’s up?’ ‘Uh, (YSN) kind of got asked out today and said yes… I thought it would be best if you knew ahead of time.’ You bit your lip nervously waiting for him to talk. ‘Oh.’ ‘I’m sorry Li…’ ‘It’s fine (YN), thanks for telling me though… I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then?’ ‘Yeah’ ‘Ok bye.’ You could tell he was upset when he cut the conversation short but who could blame the guy.

Harry:Tears clouded your vision as you started to jog away to your house. “(YN), wait!” You turned to face Harry, sadness turned into anger, “Oh so now you remember my name.” You spat. He looked hurt by your comment but that was nothing compared to what he did to you. “I don’t know how many times I need to apologize, baby. Your sister has nothing to do with any of this… I only love you.” You allowed him to wrap his arms around your waist, placing his lips on top of yours. “Im sorry.” He mumbled against your lips. “No it was stupid of me in the first place. ” Harry grabbed your hand, leading you back to his house. You sat on his bed as he went to the bathroom. You glanced around the room a red sweater catching your eye. It looked a lot like… You jumped up grabbing it gasping when you saw the familiar hold. It was your sister’s. Harry walked in as you threw the material at him. “What is this?” “Wait I c-” You threw your hand up to slap Harry across the face, walking towards the door, “I’m done.” 

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