One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


26. He Gets Jealous

Harry: You and Harry were out at a club, and lets just say you got just a little too tipsy, and let's just say whenever you got drunk you were the complete opposite of angry and emotional, you were the flirty and touchy kind of drunk so whenever you went to go order a drink you couldn't help but let out a few suggestive comments to the bartender then and there. Harry, who had been watching you two for a little while had had just about enough when the bartneder reached over to take your hand, Harry knew you didn't mean to flirt, you were drunk, you couldn't help it, but he couldn't hide the ping in his heart and the flash of anger that swept across him as he watched the interaction. Having enough, he walked over there and pressed your back to his chest and put his arms around you possessively, and smirked at the sight of the bartender slipping away as he dropped short and sharp kisses to the side of your neck, ''Let's go home, babe.'' it was more of a demand than a suggestion. Before you could say anything, he had swept you off your feet and carried you out of the club while leaving little love bites on your skin everything few seconds. ''Your mine.'' And even in your drunken state you could tell he was jealous.

Liam: You were out with Liam shopping for new clothes he could bring on tour when you see a good friend that you haven't seen in awhile, and that friend just happens to be a guy. ''Oh my gosh, Marcus!'' (A/N Lets just pretend your guy friends name is Marcus?) Liam follows your stare to see who you are talking too, and frowns. ''Wow, Y/N, is that you? You look great!'' You and Marcus continue to have a little chat and a little laugh then and there when finally Liam clears his throat. You look behind you and smile at Liam before turning back to Marcus, ''Um, this is-'' ''Liam. I'm Liam. Y/N's boyfriend.'' Liam says cutting you off and pressing your body to his possesively, giving Marcus a smirk. You are shocked at first cause Liam never usually acts like this infront of your friends but then smile when you realize he is just jealous. ''Oh, well, I'm Marcus, it's nice to meet you. Hey, Y/N. It was really nice talking to you but I gotta go, sorry. See ya later.'' You say bye to your friend and look up at Liam, ''You are so jealous.'' you give him a little smirk as he frowns, ''No, it's just that, what's mine is mine, and I don't like to share..'' You give him a peck on the lips and laugh, ''Well, no need to worry about me leaving anytime soon, your stuck with me.'' He smiles back down at you and takes your hand, leading you to another store to continue your shopping.

Louis: You and your best guy friend are sitting on the couch in yours and Louis' flat watching a movie, laughing, and just having fun, when Louis comes through the door and gives you too a narrow look. ''Who's this?..'' you look at him and smile, ''This is one of my best friend's from my hometown, he was around and decided to stop by..'' Louis just nods slowly as introduces himself and goes to sit down from across us. You and your friend go on about child-hoood memories and share a few laughs until Louis huffs and goes upstairs, your friend looks at you and says, ''Looks like its my cue to go..'' he chuckles and you two say bye. Once he leaves you walk upstairs and find Louis sitting on your bed watching TV blankly..''Awhh, Boo-Bear, are you jealous?'' He glares at you, ''...No.'' ''Oh, okay.'' You say sitting down next to him, ''You know he's gay right?'' Louis looks over at you for a moment before smiling and pulling you close. ''You were so jealous.'' you say teasing him, '' I wasn't.'' He says putting a hand over your mouth.

Niall: You and Niall were sitting on the couch watching football, your head on his chest, while a bowl of popcorn sits on your lap. Then all of a sudden the bell rings, signaling the pizza guy is here. You look up at Niall, he shakes his head telling you he isn't going to answer the door. You sigh lightly and stand up making your way over to the door, ''Hello.'' You say polietly as you open the door. ''Here's your pizza, ma'am- Woah,'' the pizza boy infront of you pauses, looking at you up and down, causing you to shuffle your feet uncomfortable. ''Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?'' he says with a cheesy smile, handing over the pizza. I hand him the money and smile saracasticly, ''No, not really.'' You go to shut the door but he puts his hand on it, ''Hey, I'm Brian. Remember that cause you will be scr-'' Someone comes and stands infront of you shutting the door in the pizza boys face, you look up to see Niall, looking at the door with an angry frown on his face. He takes the pizza and sits it down before picking you up in a tight bear hug. ''Your mine..'' Niall says, reasting his head on yours, you giggle. ''I know, Jealous Jim.'' He laughs before saying, ''From now on, I am the one getting the pizza...''

Zayn: Zayn was taking you to get your first tattoo, you had always wanted one since you were young and seeing all the cool designs and the happy look on Zayn's face when you told him you wanted to get one, fueled your excitement. He grabs your hand softly as you walk down to the tattoo shop down the road. ''Are you scared?'' he asked reaching your hand up to his mouth for him to kiss it. ''A little bit, but more excited then anything.'' You smile at him and place a kiss on his cheek as you walk threw the shops doors. ''Oh, Zayn, how ya doin'?'' a man with many, many tattoos comes up and says. ''Good, good, Y/N wanted to get a tattoo, so, I brought her to the best tattoo artist I know.'' The man laughs, ''So, this is the little lady you've been speaking of, I have to say she is quite a beauty.'' Zayn's smile faded a bit before the man lead us to a room in the back and started to draw the design you wanted. Zayn's smirk turned into a frown as the man kept making suggestive comments and getting a little touchy, Zayn sighed in relief as the man finished up your tattoo. Zayn quickly grabbed your hand and exited the store as he mumbled something about not taking you there again. ''Zayn,'' you say stopped on the sidewalk, ''Are you jealous?'' He sighed and mumbled, ''No..'' You took his hands, ''You know I only love you, right? Forever and Always? Through think and thin?'' He smiled at you, ''Yeah..but you might have to remind me again..'' you gave him a smile and leaned in for the most passionate kiss you have had yet, he should get jealous more often..

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