One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


59. He Forgets You're Birthday

Louis: You were in the kitchen making yours and Louis's breakfast. You were disappointed that he didn't prepare you a birthday breakfast in bed but it wasn't too of a big deal. After you finished your breakfast, you realized that he hadn't wish you a happy birthday yet and suspected that he might had forgotten. "I'm gonna take a shower" you coldly said earning a weird look from your boyfriend. You were about to open the door to get out of there when your phone ringed. "Hello?" you answered. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" You heard four boys yelling trough the phone. "Thank you guys, you're so sweet! I can't believe you remembered by birthday!" you said giving Louis a death look. His eyes widened as he whispered and inaudible "I'm sorry". After 10 minutes, you hanged up the phone and Louis quickly ran toward you pulling you into a hug. "I'm so sorry love! I'm the worst boyfriend ever, I can't believe I forgot! he said dramatically squeezing you. "It's ok Louis" you giggled, "But if you ever forget again, I'm gonna kick your ass, understood?" "Understood". Liam: Your boyfriend hadn't told you happy birthday in the whole day but you were still expecting that he had a surprise planned. You arrived home, after a tiring day of work. just to find the apartment filled with candles and a magnificent dinner on the table. "Do you like it?" Liam asked walking toward you. "I love it" you said covering your mouth with your hand, "I though you forgot it" "Never" He placed his hands on your waist before giving you a quick kiss on you lips, "Happy anniversary" Your face dropped and he looked at you confused for your reaction. "It's everything ok?" "Liam, It's not our anniversary. It's my birthday." His expression abruptly changed as he started to freak out. "Omg Y/N I'm so sorry! I totally understand if you hate me after this! OMG OMG I'm such and idiot." He yelled alarmed. You giggled and grabbed his face to give him a soft yet passionate kiss to calm him down. "It's ok Liam, we can still use this to celebrate my birthday." A huge smile appeared on his face as he kissed you again. "I love you so much Y/N". Harry: It was your birthday and your boyfriend Harry was on tour in Donacaster with the boys. He send you your daily good morning text and call you in the afternoon but he didn't mention your birthday, not even once. At the end of the day, you had already assumed that he forgot when you received a skype call from him. "Hello beautiful" he said as his green eyes appeared on your screen, "Why are you wearing a dress? You look sexy" he said being his cheeky self. "I'm going to a birthday party" you said trying to hold back your tears. "Really? Who's birthday is today?" "Mine" His eyes widened as his expression dropped. "Shit" you hear him saying before you closed you laptop to let the tears fall from your eyes. You finished getting ready and went to the club where you were celebrating your birthday party with your friends. When you came back home, you saw a bouquet of roses on your bed with a note that said "I'm sorry for being a jerk, hope you had a great time at your party" You were wondering how did Harry to enter the flowers in the apartment being in Donacaster when you felt two strong arms wrapping around you from behind. "I'm so sorry love, I promise I will make it up for you" Harry whispered with a raspy voice. Your whole body shivered as you felt his warm breath against you neck and all the sadness and anger that was inside of you quickly disappeared. He started to kiss your neck making you moan his name. You turned around to face him and pressed your body against his. "You are gonna have to work really hard to earn my forgiveness, starting by giving me the best birthday sex I've ever had." He smirked at you before pressing his lips against yours. "Yes ma'am". Niall: "Princess, are you gonna tell me why are you so mad at me? What did I do?" Niall asks innocently. You had been giving him a cold shoulder since last night when you realized he had forgotten that was your birthday. "You should know what you did" you snap at him. "How can I know if you don't tell-?" He abruptly stopped as his eyes widened. "OMG I can't believe I forgot that yesterday was your birthday! I'm SO sorry princess." he said looking alarmed. "Oh wow! You finally remembered it!" you said sarcastically. "Please don't hate me! I will make it up for you. Just wait right here." he said before walking out the door tripping with everything that was in his way. After an hour, he came back with a huge cake and some presents. "I know It's too late but we can still celebrate your birthday. Just the two of us." Niall said full of hope. You gave up at his sweet gesture and decided to forgive him. Zayn: "Hey babe! what's for dinner?" Zayn asked getting off the bedroom to lay down on the couch. He had been sleeping the whole day. Usually that didn't bother you 'cause you knew he was tired all the time for working so hard, but today was the exception. You were so pissed that you couldn't even look at him. "Y/N what's wrong? Did you have a bad day?" he asked realizing that you were ignoring him. "Oh nothing Zayn, I had an amazing day being by my own on my fucking birthday!" you yelled sarcastically. His face immediately dropped as he got up the couch and walked toward you. "I can't believe I forgot! I'm so sorry Y/N It's just that I've been so stressed lately , and I know It's not an excuse but I'm just so sorry" He grabbed your waist and looked right into your eyes begging for forgiveness. "Have fun sleeping in the couch tonight." you said with a fake smile and walking away knowing that he was already planning something to make you forgive him.
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