One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


99. He Finds Out That You Lost Your Virginity To A Girl

Niall- “How does that like happen?” he asked. “Niall, i mean there is a lot of ways it can happen. Do i need to draw you a picture?” you asked. “No i mean i know how it can happen. It’s just that i haven’t, it’s just kind of weird to be honest.” he said. The one thing you didn’t want happening was Niall not liking you anymore after he found out. “So, you don’t like me anymore?” you asked. He gave you a confused look. “Hell no. That’s not what i mean’t at all i just didn’t expect it is all.” he said kissing you.

Liam- “Are you mad?” you asked him. “No, it’s just that… i don’t know. I guess i just haven’t wrapped my head around all of it.” he said. “So you’re disgusted with me then?” you said waling away. You shouldn’t of told him. Why did you tell him? “(Y/N)! I’m far from disgusted with you! It’s just that i got to wrap my head around. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It’s just what it is.” he said. “Really?” “Yes, i love you no matter what.”

Louis- “So this means that you were a lesbian, right?” he asked. “Yes, Louis.” you laughed. “So are you still lesbian?” he asked again. “No, if i was lesbian i would not be with you.” you giggled. “No i mean.” you started but you cut him off. “I’m bisexual Louis. Yes. I hope that doesn’t bother you.” you said. “No, it doesn’t. It’s kind of hot actually.” he said winking. “Oh god.” you laughed throwing a pillow at him.

Zayn- “I’m sorry.” you said and he just gave you a confused look. “Why are you sorry?” he asked. “Because i’m not a virgin.” you said. “so? I;m not a virgin either.” “Well i lost mine to a girl.” “and like i said.. so?” “So you dont care?” you asked. “Of course i dont. I mean what you did was before we were together. Before we even knew each other. It doesnt matter. What matters is us now.” he said smiling making you smile in return, glad that he understood.

Harry- “You what?” he was shocked. “I lost my virginity to Abby.” you said. “Abby? Your friend Abby?” he asked. “Yes.” you shied away. “But Abby is a girl…” “So. It can still happen you know.” you said. “Yes, i know that. It’s just… Abby?” he said giggling. “What?” you asked. “Nothing it’s just kind of funny. I mean Abby? No offense, but Abby is crazy and you had sex with her?” he laughed making you laugh. “Yeah.” you were glad he didn’t freak out.

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