One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


28. He Embarrasses / Insults You Infront Of The Boys


Niall: Your boyfriend and you were attending a lunch with his band mates along with their girlfriends. It was just going to be a nice relaxing afternoon since the boys had been working hard on their new album and they finally had a day off. Since you guys weren’t going to be going anywhere fancy, you just dressed in a relaxed fashion; a fitted but relaxed, navy blue shirt with a pair of simple skinny jeans and flip flops. Niall was wearing sweats and a tanktop along with his favorite snapback. You loved days like these as did Niall. He was absolutely relaxed on these days and the most loving, cuddling with you and giving you random kisses. So, needless to say, you were slightly annoyed at having to go out on his free day. However, it was with the others, so you weren’t too annoyed. As you entered the restaurant, you were greeted with the load hoots and hollars of the other boys, mainly Louis and Harry. You just rolled your eyes and held Niall’s hand as you walked to the table. Sitting next to Niall, you immediately struck up a conversation with Perrie who was across from you after greeting everyone else. Time seemed to fly by and soon enough you were ordering. It wasn’t unknown that one thing you and Niall had in common, was a big appetite. It was something he had said that made him fall in love with you. So, when you told the waitress your rather large order, she looked quite shocked before continuing on taking orders. Once she left, you sipped on your drink and looked over at Niall. He had a rather shocked look on his face. “Geez, (Y/n), that enough food for you?” He asked with a rather exasperated look on his face. You blushed and looked down into your drink while shrugging. “I mean, that’s a lot of food, even for me. Especially after that huge breakfast we had earlier. You might wanna be careful there, love.” He said causing you to tense up. Was he making fun of you? Was he saying you were getting fat? You heard all conversation around the table cease, turning to look at you. You looked up at Niall, disbelief coloring your face but he seemed completely serious. You felt tears threaten to build in your eyes but you fought them. Standing up, you took money out of your pocket and set it on the table. “This should be enough for my part of the bill. I’m just gonna go home. I’m not feeling to well, all of a sudden. Have a nice day, guys.” You mumbled, staring at the ground, embarrassed before turning and quickly leaving the restaurant. Just as you reached the door you heard multiple loud shouts from your table, all directed at your boyfriend. Ignoring this, you walked outside and began walking down the sidewalk, towards your shared flat. Not even an entire block away from the restaurant, a hand gripped your upper arm and forced you to spin around. You were crushed to a strong chest, immediately recognizing Niall’s cologne you didn’t resist. However, you didn’t exactly respond to the hug, simply hanging your arms by your sides. Feeling this, Niall pulled away and looked down into your eyes. Setting his hands on your shoulders, gripping them lightly. “Princess, that didn’t come out how I wanted it to. I just said for you to watch because I know how much the hate gets to you and that was my horrible attempt at protecting you. I don’t care how much you eat. That’s one of the things I love about you. You eat as much as I do. Just, baby, I didn’t mean for you to think I was calling you fat.” He explained, a desperate tone in his voice. You looked down for a moment, before looking up at him. “So, you don’t think I’m fat?” You questioned in a small voice, your eyes shining with vulnerability. “Of course not! I think you’re absolutely perfect! Besides, even if you were 300+ pounds, I would still love you like I do now. I love you so much, Princess.” He said, cupping your jaw and rubbing his thumb along your cheek. You gave him a half smile. “I love you too, Ni.” You said, causing him to grin before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “C’mon. The food should be there by the time we get back.” He said, wrapping your hand in his and tugging you back to the restaurant excitedly causing you to laugh and quickly follow beside him.

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