One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


104. He Defends You From Twitter Hate

h/t/n= hater twitter name

y/t/n= your twitter name

Liam: @h/t/n lol omg look how ugly @y/t/n is in the morning why would you post a picture like that @Real_Liam_Payne?

@Real_Liam_Payne@h/t/n excuse you, @y/t/n is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with and without make up. Way more beautiful then you will ever be.

Niall: @h/t/n I don’t get why @niallofficial would want to date somebody like @y/t/n. I would be so much better for him!

@niallofficial@h/t/n that’s my princess that you’re talking about, and she’s the most perfect girl for me. You on the other hand well….I would never want to be with somebody like you. 

Louis: @h/t/n Louis, aren’t you uncomfortable being with @y/t/n? She’s so much taller than you that you have to go on your tippy toes to kiss her that’s just….wrong. 

@Louis_Tomlinson@h/t/n I don’t see what the problem is. So what if she’s taller than me, I don’t care about her height or what she looks like for the matter she’s a beautiful person with a beautiful personality and that’s all that matters to me. Love ya @y/t/n!

Zayn: @/h/t/n omfg @zaynmalik did you see this video of @y/t/n dancing? What a freak, can’t believe you’d date somebody like her.

@zaynmalik@h/t/n yeah I saw that video of her dancing…I’m the one who recorded it. Everybody acts a little ridiculous when they’re drunk I mean did you see that picture of me passed out on the floor surrounded by cups? She’s not a freak she’s my girlfriend and I better not see another tweet like that from you again. 

Harry: @h/t/n @Harry_Styles follow me back? I followed your stupid girlfriend @y/t/n so I should at least get a follow back from you.

@Harry_Styles@h/t/n I was going to follow you but then I read the rest of your tweet. @y/t/n is not stupid, you are for believing something so absurd. In fact you’ve just been blocked. 

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