One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


85. He Comes Home From Tour Early

Louis: You and Louis started dating a few days before he left for tour.  You had been best friends for years before he finally admitted that he was in love with you. “How’re you holding up?” Danielle asked. “I’m not. I miss him more than anything. It feels so different from when we were just friends. It feels like a part of me is missing.” You looked down and tried not to cry. “You know, I missed you too.” Your head shot up as you stared at your boyfriend. “LOUIS!” You screamed and ran to him. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist as yours went around his neck. “I missed you so much.” He sighed and squeezed you a little. You smiled and buried your face in the crook of his neck. “Please don’t leave again.” “I promise, baby, I love you.”

Niall: Niall left the day after your birthday, which meant no birthday sex for you. “You do realize that when I get back we’re just gonna go all night, right?” Niall smiled at you as you Skyped. “Good, I’ve been craving you ever since you left.” You smiled back. “I gotta go, baby. I love you so much and I’ll be home in a few months!” Niall sighed. “Oh, okay. I love you too, Ni.” You bit your lip and closed your laptop. You got up and walked down to the kitchen. You grabbed the jar of peanut butter and spoon and started eating. “Are you eating my peanut butter?!” Niall yelled causing you to shriek. “Oh my God, Niall! What the hell was that?!” You screamed. “You’re eating my peanut butter!” Niall yelled. “What the hell are you doing here?! You’re supposed to be in America!” “I came back because I’m too horny too often and my girlfriend is here and she needs to be fucked!” He yelled and grabbed your arm and pulled you up to the bedroom. He sure knew how to put peanut butter to a good use.

Zayn: “Hi Y/N, it’s me. Uh, I just wanted to tell you that they extended tour. I won’t be home for another 3 months. I’m sorry, baby, I love you.” You listened to the message a few times before letting the tears fall. You set your phone down and cradled your head in your hands. “Y/N?” Zayn called out. “Zayn?!” You asked. He walked into the bedroom and smiled widely. “Zayn!” You jumped off the bed and hugged him tightly. “Hi, baby.” Zayn chuckled. “Shh.” You pressed your lips to his.

Liam: “I made cookies but they kind of turned out like shit.” “Probably, you’re not the best cook, babe.” “Guess who’s sleeping on the couch when he gets home from tour!” You giggled. “You know you’re gonna crack and cuddle with me.” Liam chuckled. “Hey, can you go outside quick? It sounds like a pipe broke.” He explained. You walked to the door and as soon as you opened it you saw your boyfriend. He smiled brightly at you. “Liam! What are you doing here?” You hugged him. “I missed you, so I left early.” He smiled and kissed your cheek. “I love you.” You giggled.

Harry:  “Louis has been driving me crazy, you’re the only one who can ever make him stop. I really miss you, Y/N.” Harry sighed as he talked to you on the phone one night. “Don’t worry, he’s just being Louis. Mm, guess what came in the mail today.” You bit your lip to hold in your excitement. “You got accepted?!” Harry exclaimed. “I got accepted!” You giggled. “Oh my God, baby, that’s amazing! I knew you could do it!” Harry smiled. “If only you were here to share this champagne I bought with me.” “Well, I have your congratulations gift waiting in the driveway.” You jumped up and ran down the stairs, running out the door. “Congrats, babe.” Harry smiled. You giggled jumped into his arms. “I love you so much, and I missed you like crazy!” You smiled as he kissed your nose. “I love you too, baby.”

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