One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


49. He Cheats On You With Another Famous Person Part 1;

Zayn: The tears rolled down your face as you read the Sugarscape article again. "Looks Like Zayn and Perrie Are Back Together." It was full of pictures of them kissing, holding hands and laughing together. It said that they were took the day before, when Zayn told you that he had to do a photoshoot for the new album. "I'm so stupid." you said to yourself. You and Zayn had a secret relationship 'cause the managers wouldn't approve it. So no one would know how much of a cheater bastard he was. You closed your laptop and ran to your bedroom to pack your things. Zayn was at rehearsal, or at least that's what he told you, so you were planning to pack your things and leave, without giving him any explanation or chance to stop you. Liam: Liam was returning home after being on tour for three months, so you prepared a romantic dinner to greet him. You were just finishing igniting the last candle when you heard someone opening the front door. You knew it was Liam so you ran to the doorway and jumped in his arms, wrapping your legs around him to kiss him. He dropped his suitcases and placed his hands on your thighs, kissing you desperately and pressing your back against the nearest wall. "Wait!" you said as he tried to pull your shirt up, "I made you dinner, is going to get cold if we don't eat it right away." "No, no, no" he desperately said, "I need to make you mine first, I need to know that you are mine 'cause you won't be when-" "Shh" you said grabbing his face in your hands trying to calm him down. Tears where rolling down his cheeks. "I'm yours, don't worry. I'll always be." "No you won't" he said more calmed, putting you down and resting his forehead against yours. "Why are you saying that? I love you." "Because I slept with Lily Collins." Niall: You were on a club celebrating Niall's birthday party. There was famous people all over the place but you couldn't find Niall anywhere around. You finally found Liam dancing with a couple of friends and decided to ask him where was your boyfriend. "I need to tell you something!" he screamed because of the loud music, "Can we go outside for a second?" You nodded. As you and Liam Walked through the crowed place you couldn't help bur worry about Niall. You didn't know what Liam was going to tell you but you knew for his face that it wasn't something good. "Ok Y/N" Liam started once you were away from the music, "Niall begged me to not tell you this but I think you deserve to know. He left the party." "What? Why? Is his party!" "He didn't tell me why, he only told me that he had to go. But that's not all, I saw him leaving with someone else." "Who?" you asked not understanding. "Demi Lovato." Those two words broke your heart. You felt the lump forming on your throat as your eyes filled with tears, your hands started to shake. Everyone knew that Niall had a huge crush on her, why wouldn't he? She's amazing. "Y/N are you ok? you look a little bit pale." Liam said looking concerned. "N-no..." Harry: You knocked the hotel room early in he morning, exited to see your boyfriends face when he saw you. He had been on tour for 2 months and you couldn't wait any longer to see him, so you decided to give him a surprise visit. After a few seconds, a shocked Harry opened the door wearing only boxers. "Y-Y/N" he said with widen eyes, "What are you doing here?" "I just missed you so much!" You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. He didn't respond the kiss immediately and was a little bit tense, what you found weird. "What's wrong?" "Nothing" You looked at him suspiciously, he didn't seem exited to see you here. "I just took a 9 hours flight to see you and you haven't even invited me to come in, you don't want me to be here?" "Of course I want you to be here Y/N, is just that-" You didn't let him finish his sentence as you pushed through the door. Just to find Cher Lloyd, his opening act, with only a towel around her body. You stood there in unbelief. Your boyfriend of 8 months cheated on you, with a prettier, skinnier and more talented girl. "Y/N please don't go." You turned around and saw Harry still standing on the door frame with tears in his eyes. Louis: You were on yours and Louis apartment, just cuddling in the couch and watching a movie hen suddenly the bell ringed. "I'll go!" Louis said getting up. You watched the movie for a little longer till you heard screams on the doorway. "Is it true Louis?!" It sounded like Harry. You were a little bit scared of what was happening, but your curiosity was bigger so you decided to intervene. "Cara just called me, she was crying!" "What's happening?" you asked making them both turn their heads toward you. "Nothing sweetheart, stay out of this." "She deserves to know Louis!" Harry said in a deadly voice. "I deserve to know what? Something happened to Cara?" you asked worried. "No sweetheart, she's fine. Nothing happen-" "He sleep with her." Harry said interrupting Louis. Your eyes widened, it took you a few seconds before you could process everything. "YOU DID WHAT!?" you yelled at Louis, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CHEATED ON ME! AND WITH A VICTORIA SECRET'S ANGEL? WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING YOU IDIOT" You couldn't control yourself. Your body was full of angry and adrenaline. "Sweetheart please, let me explain you." "I'M OUT OF HERE!" You shouted storming out the door.
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