One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


2. Harry Styles; Dont Let Me Go

~Don't Let Me Go~

She was trying to hold back her tears, as she quickly stuffed all her clothes into a bag. She would be gone by the time he got home, otherwise this would be too painful. She’d already arranged with a friend, that she could stay at hers, all she needed was to pack her stuff. She was done. I mean, not with him, she loved him with all her heart. It was everything else she was done with. All the girls, saying they wanted to kill her. The many days spent apart. The numerous rumors about him with other girls. It was just it all. She thought about all this as she hurried to get done. How much she’d miss him. How much she loved him. How she hated all those things, that made her want to leave in the first place. But she couldn’t get herself to stay. For some reason it was impossible to her. Putting the last couple of things in her bag, she looked around their bedroom for the last time. Leaving the note she’d written on the bedside table, she walked away.


She didn’t hear anything from him. That’s what she asked of him. To not try to find her, that they were better of this way. That changed that one day, when suddenly he was stood before her. His eyes were slightly glossy, and he kept biting his lip. Looking down, she concentrated on the carpet she was stood on. That is, until he spoke up. All he needed was the reason for why she left. What he’d done wrong. She tried so hard to make him understand that he’d done nothing wrong, that it really was her. But he didn’t buy that. Stepping forward, he put a finger under her chin, turning her head up, to look him in the eyes. That’s all it took. They immediately found themselves in each others embrace once again. She buried her head in his chest, the tears running freely down both her cheeks. He stared at her with a pained expression. Both trying to hold on to each other. “Don’t let me go..” She whispered. “Never!” He answered back

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