One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


24. Getting Use To The Spot Light

Liam: Within minutes of first being spotted together in public, your phone is blowing up with twitter notifications, vibrating constantly until you finally come to your senses and disable the notifications. “Oh my gosh…”you mumble under your breath, unable to even comprehend the number of follows and mentions you were getting. Liam walks over, peeking over your shoulder to see what you were so surprised by. He chuckles at the stunned expression on your face, shaking his head a little. “This is isn’t even the worst it gets babe!”

Harry: You swing by the grocery store to pick up a few things, and stop short when you see your face printed on the front cover of not one, but two magazines. “Has Harry Finally Found the One?” one of them reads, while the other one boasts “Find Out all about (y/n), Harry’s New Girl!” Amazed at how they would have found enough information about you to put in a magazine, you buy it and call Harry as soon as you get home, a little creeped out by how accurate the facts actually were.

Louis: You squeeze his hand tightly as the two of you step out into the crowd of fans, waving and smiling at all the girls who had come to catch a glimpse of Louis and his new girlfriend. “Hi Louis!" They yell, trying to get as close to you guys as possible. Your claustrophobia begins to set in a little bit, and you tighten your grip on Louis’s hand even more. “Don’t worry," he whispers. “They won’t hurt you, they’re just very excited. You’ll get used to it eventually."

Niall: You are out shopping when a couple of girls you don’t recognize come over and say hello. You’re a bit shocked when they ask you for a picture, but you agree when you realize that they were One Direction fans and would naturally want a picture with Niall’s girlfriend. You make small talk and say goodbye when they have to leave , and later when you check twitter there are loads of posts about how nice and friendly you were.

Zayn: it’s your first red carpet event together, and he two of you are the hot couple of the night, with photographers swarming around, telling you guys to smile, and the flash from the cameras nearly blinding you. Zayn keeps his arm protectively around your waist the whole time, kissing your cheek now and then to reassure you. Of course, the paparazzi snapped up shots of the sweet kisses, and the pictures were all over the Internet the next day.

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