One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


58. Friends With Benefits

Niall: You and Niall met at a club 5 months ago. You were dancing when suddenly you felt his strong hand holding your hips. Next thing you knew, you were at his house screaming his name as he trusted roughly into you. Since then, you had been calling each others every time you were in the mood for sex. You were on top of him bouncing up and down, moving your hips in somewhat of a circular motion. "Y/N..." he gasped, "I-I h-have to... t-tell you something" "It can not wait?" you moaned. "No" he grunted rolling you two over so he was on top, thrusting hard into you, "It's just that I-" You cut him off by kissing his lips and tangling your hands on his hair. He pulled away and attacked your neck with soft, wet kisses. "I love you.." he finally whispered in your neck. "Stop!" you screamed. He immediately slipped out of you and sat in the bed "What did you just... say?" you said trying to control your breath "That I lov-" "No!" you shouted, "You can't love me" You jumped off the bed and started to dress yourself. "Y/N wait!" Niall shouted desperately "please don't go, we can talk about it" "There's nothing to talk about. I'm sorry Niall but this thing between us, It's over" you said before walking out the door. Harry: You and Harry had been friends since you were kids. One night, you were watching movies together like you always did and you ended up making out in the couch, what then leaned into a night of pleasure. Since then, you've become into lovers during the nigh, but best friend during the day. "Harry" you moaned quietly. "Louder!" he demanded going faster. "Harry!" you screamed as you hit your climax. "Oh Y/N!" he grunted before collapsing on top of you. After catching his breath, he slipped out of you, dropped himself on the bed next to you and hugged you, pulling you close to him. You stayed like that for a couple of minutes, cuddling and staring at each others without saying a word. "Have you ever though about us being more than friends?" Harry finally spoke breaking the silence. "Like a couple?" you asked and he nodded, "Yeah, we would make a terrible couple" you giggled. "Why? Because we know each others better than anyone? Because we enjoy each others company?" Harry asked looking confused. "Are you trying to tell me that you want us to be a couple?" you asked surprised. "Maybe. I mean, we practically act like one now." "No, we don't" you said defensively. "Yes we do. We are together all the time, we kiss, we make love..." "We don't make love Harry, we have sex." you said getting up, "I should go now." "Y/N wait!" he begged grabbing your wrist, "Just think about it, please." You ignored him and grabbed your cloth from the floor to get dress and walk away from there. Zayn: "Say my name" Zayn demanded. "Zayn..." you whispered. "Louder!" he grunted forcing himself hard into you. "Zayn!" you moaned digging your nails into his back as you both reached your climax. As soon as you caught your breath, you jumped out the bed and started to pick up your cloth. "What are you doing?" Zayn asked. " I'm getting dress to go home, like I always do..." you answered giving him a confused look. "Yeah I know but... maybe you could stay the nigh and cuddle... I mean in a total friendly way" he said nervously. "Why?" you asked now more confused than you were before. "Because it feels good...?" Zayn said not very sure of his answer. "I don't think that's a good idea Zayn" "Yeah me neither, I don't even know why I suggested it" You giggled and gave him a quick peck. "See ya" you said before you left the room, letting Zayn alone, feeling like the most stupid guy in the world for falling for a girl like you. Louis: "Faster!" You moaned and Louis went faster and deeper into you making your toes curl. "I-I'm close" you moaned as you felt your orgasm coming close. "M-me too, j-just hold on" he said before you held in your orgasm. After a couple more thrusts, finally he came, collapsing on the bed next to you. "What are we?" he asked breathless. "We are friends" you said cuddling against his chest. "Only friends?" "Well... we are friends with benefits" you answered drawing shapes with your finger across his chest. "Yeah... friends with benefits" he whispered feeling like an idiot for thinking that you maybe were something more. Liam: Liam was kissing all your body softly and slowly. He always was so gently and kind and you loved it. "Y/N..." he whispered kissing your neck "Before we continue, I have to tell you something" "hmm.." you mumbled. "I love you" he whispered in your ear. Your eyes widened. "No, you don't" "What?" He asked and looked right into your eyes "Yes, I do" "No, you think you love me 'cause we are together all the time and we have amazing sex, but you don't really do" you said calm. "I don't think I love you Y/N, I know I do" " No, you don't!" you shouted. "Ugh! Stop acting like a child" he sighed in frustration. "Me?! You are the one that's acting like one! LOVE IT'S FOR KIDS LIAM!" you shouted pushing him away and getting out the bed to grab your cloth "Y/N wait..." Liam said grabbing your hand. "I can't with this Liam! I just can't".
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