One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


98. Family Memeber Walks In On You Guys Having Sex

Niall- You were visiting Niall’s family in Ireland. You weren’t to nervous because you already have meet them before. “Can i talk to (Y/N) for a minute?” Niall asked the family. You followed him into the bathroom. “What did you ne-?” He cut you off with a kiss. “I need you.” he whispered. He pulled his pants off then pulled your. One finger, two, then three were entered making you moan, but not two loud. Next thing you knew Denise started opening the door. Her eyes grew when she saw you and Niall. “I wont tell” was all that she could get out, leaving immediately.

Liam- It was a hot, humid, sunny day. The whole family was out swimming as there was not air conditioning. Lets just say you in a swimsuit maybe him want you more. You winked at him letting him know to meet you in the shied next to the house. He follow immediately getting straight to business. He slid your swim suit to the side slipping inside of you. “It should be in he-” your brother walked in. “Shit.” Liam said. “Are you serious?” your brother asked Liam. Both of you thought that his was going to freak out on Liam. “Yes..” Liam stuttered. “Just make sure she doesn’t get pregnant, okay. Then i will have to hurt you.” he winked.

Louis- Louis and you were just sitting there in the living room, glaring at each other. Both of you knew both of you wanted it. You tried listening to the family talk, but all you could think about was Louis. You left the room out into the backyard. Louis followed knowing exactly what you up to. He pushed you against the wall putting his hand into your pants rubbing against your slit. “Hey, what are you guys doing out here?” Louis mother came out looking for you. Louis tried to get his hands out of your pants as fast as he could but it didn’t work. “I’m sorry! If i know that’s what you were doing i wouldn’t of came out here.” she said with her eyes covered walking back into the house.

Zayn- After putting boxes and boxes in the living room, you and Zayn took a break. You were moving into your new home. You didn’t have any furniture in the house, because you were waiting for his family to bring them over later. So you were laying on the living room floor. He started to rub your back, then down to your butt. He was caressing your body, kissing you at the same time. Next thing you knew the two of you were naked. Body’s pressed together, moans leaving both of your lips. Then you hear a knock on the door. “Shit, i forgot they were coming!” he said. You tried to get your clothes on as fast as you could but it was too late. His sisters were already in the house, giggling at what they walked in on.

Harry- Both of you couldn’t hold it anymore. You needed each other so bad. It didn’t matter where you were, you two got to it. You were in the car at his mom’s place. You were supposed to be there at 3 and it’s 2:30 so you took this time to get it in… In the back seat of his car. He was on top thrusting into you making you moan. He hit your g-spot making you moan louder than ever before, both of you reaching climax. “Harry? Is everything okay? we heard something…oh my!” his mother said walking up to the car. All he had on was his shoes, you with just a shirt on top of your body, covering up as much as you could. All of you were blushing. “Come in when your finished, i guess.” she laughed walking back into the house,

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