One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


101. Drunk

Liam: Drunk off flying as you and Liam finally landed after your long flight. The two of you wanted to do a world trip for your honeymoon and you were already ready for your next flight and that was your flight home. Although seeing all the new places was wonderful, there was nothing like being in your new home with your husband. Jetlag got the best of you two so the two of you spent the night outside watching the stars and kissing. Drunk off love and drunk off him. Zayn: Drunk off love. Drunk off the way the lights make him look absolutely adorable in his button down shirt and dress pants. Drunk off the way he put his whole heart into decorating your backyard into a sweet little getaway. He was absolutely adorable as he fed you tiny bites of his dinner and the delicious ice cream that you shared for dessert. No words needed to be said as the two of you smiled at each other and admired each other's beauty. Love is all you need. Niall: Drunk off him. Drunk off the way he sat on the couch next to you playing his guitar with his snapback on backwards. Drunk off the way his skilled fingers danced across the strings and filled the room with a beautiful melody. You couldn't help a smile from appearing on your face as you watched his tongue poke out of his mouth in concentration. You could only sit there for so long before you placed a kiss on his cheek which quickly turned into a very fun night in your bedroom sheets. Louis: Drunk off sweets. Drunk off the way that Louis was being an absolute angel on just an ordinary day. You walked home from a crappy day at work to find that Louis bought you your favorite flowers and candies and he was already in the kitchen making dinner. He even offered to clean up afterwards! Louis helped you tackle most of the sweets when he was finished and the two of you spent the night cuddling in bed and watching t.v. What a great night it turned out to be. Harry: Drunk off of that one too many drinks that you had that night at the club but you didn't care. Drunk from the giggles that wouldn't stop flowing out of your mouth as you watched your obnoxiously drunk boyfriend dance around on the club tables and spilling his drink everywhere. However, you are still sober enough to care for him as you bring him home and contain your giggles as you tuck him into bed. Soon he is fast asleep, snoring the night away.
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